Hey guys, SolZen here and I have an invitation for all the Users of the Ultra Fan Wiki.

I know we already of the Heroes of Light thing going on, but I want to do something similar but with Super Robots. I do promise to finish it, at least the next chapter and the Darkness War (which I have to finish Orion first or it may spoil somethings) but certain things have my interests.

I also thought it was a while since we did a collaborative project. There was Dimensional Clash with myself, Crazybeard and Zombijiger. The UltrafanMashup is mainly Stephan with some assistance from others and myself editing the action scenes. Now make no mistake, if you guys don't want me to do this before I finishe Orion, then say so in the poll.

Do it...?

The poll was created at 23:42 on March 8, 2015, and so far 5 people voted.

The premise is simple, the story is called the Third Galactic Robot War, also known as Third Super Robot War. The characters you create will later on be polled, while using resources and lore from my own Wiki, it will be posted here as Blogs, or a series if you chose. 

Publish it

The poll was created at 00:21 on March 9, 2015, and so far 6 people voted.

Now the robots/characters you create will commanders in the war, commanding lesser troops, each week, or if the voting is enough, I will do the battle, and hold the next vote. If you wish, you can make your robot on my Wiki but remember to put (GRW) in brackets behind it so I know what it is for. (It stands for Galactic Robot War in case you were wondering.)

Now here are the rules.

  1. The robot is going to be a super robot, that means, a giant hero or villain. For their anatomy, look here
  2. You must give them a name or use your own user name.
  3. You can only make two characters, one good and if you want, one bad, so the sides are equal. But only one for each side.
  4. Your bot must follow the anatomy of Super Robot, put down here. Don't worry, this just let's you know what's going on inside. His abilities and weapons are still for you to decide.
  5. Besides that, the technology and weapons used for your robots are from the Wiki. If you want ot create your own weapon go ahead, but please do not make it OP.
  6. Your characters will get pages on my Wiki
  7. If you have an idea about how the story should go, feel free to give some advice, or if you just have ideas.
  8. Please remember to give you character a personality, even if just a general one.
  9. If you have an idea of what the war should be about, post it on my talk page. Also if you want lore to look at, go here
  10. And Finally, yes, your robot can be a transformer, as in, they can have an alternade mode.
  11. Also if you want to write your idea for the history of the conflct, edit the page on my Wiki, from the no. 1 link and sign the work, or put it on my talk page, any of them.

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