So I've made a new series on Super Robot Fanon Wiki, this one based on older series and ideas I had, but never fell through with.

This one is called Scorpio Galaxy Chronicles and it takes place after the various failed ideas I had. I would like for you guys to take a read, there are already two complete stories, another in the works and an fourth unfinished side story. To check it out, the link is HERE

The backstory is this, after the Chromium/First Mechanoid Civil War, the Galactic Robot War between the Chromiums, Sencticons and Rodanians and the Second Mechanoid Civil War between the Cyberbots and Destroids, the Galaxy is in a recession due to an energy shortage as a result of the conflicts. This situation has caused star empires to collapse and the remaining governments to engage in a cold war with each other.

Enter Maxion Prime, the seemingly Last Mechanoid functioning in the galaxy, who's working to solve the energy crises, while at the same time has to continuously deal with threats from the past, rearing their heads to threaten the future.

Let me know what you guys think.

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