In light of a recent page, I feel the need to explain some ground rules about the Metaverse and getting your own character therein.

Contrary to the absurd nature of a series about cosmic god like beings that are Mary Sues in the most traditional sense of that word...there is lore and therefore, rules to the Metaverse and its characters. While these rules have evolved over time, we have decided to adhere to some internal consistency and know, the building blocks of any good continuity.

So for the next person who asks, let me lay down some ground rules.

Rule Number 1


Do not ask to be a Titan Prince. Having a Titan given to you, by me, Zombiejiger, or Akreious, or someone else that has Titan Prince character. This leads on to the next rule

Rule Number 2

Do not make up your own lore. Metaverse is meta, it is crazy, and at time absurd, but it runs to the rythme of its own beat and we've put work into making that tune. Metaphors aside, there are rules and history to this whole thing, that clearly a newcomer isn't going to know, nor have the right to just change. You can ask questions, give suggestions, but suddenly making up some super race that can trounce or rival Titan a problem...

Rule Number 3

As Akreious so rightfully said "You can make your characters as powerful as you want, but they'd never overpower the Princes or the Void Eye". Granted you can't literally do that, but the spirit of it is true. The main characters of Metaverse may be literal Mary-Sues, but the whole thing is no one person's power fantasy. It is a 'shared' fantasy, wherein we've made rules, one of these rules is a power heirarchy.

At the bottom you have 'Mortal', your everyday beings, from the mundane to the super powered. Then you have magical beings, then you have the Eldritch and the Titans, above them are the Titan Princes and possibly above even them is Void Eye, and if we decided to introduce something stronger than Void Eye and the princes, by all logic it would have to be God Almighty. The only things that can rival the Titan Princes are the cosmic entities Stephan made, Time and Asa/space, and that's just because of circumstances that they are part of Metaverse. It was not designed that way.

Rule Number 4

If you are allowed to get a Metaverse character...your getting a Titan, not a Titan Prince, and by jove if someone says Titan 'God' again, see if I don't exterminatus something... anyways. You get a Titan. When we started this thing, everyone was a Titan, then we came up with Titan Princes just to increase the absurdity during RP, and we had to calm back down, and now Titan Princes are mainly for stories.


If you don't want to be a Titan, your only other alternative is an Eldritch Being....which given history, is not a complement...yeah you don't want to do that...

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