Due to the recent influx of characters, best described as 'OP' (Short for Over Powered, for those unfamiliar with the term), I have decided to set up rules, for those Users, who are not a fans of using OP Characters.

Now to begin with, these rules are not saying that you cannot create OP Characters, that is your choice as a creator, but, they are somewhat onfair when compared to other characters, espcially main characters.


Before we put rules on OP Characters, let us begin by identifying OP Characters. No, this is not an explanation, no matter what the term means to you, you are probably correct. However, we need a concrete definition, and in lack of that, there are certain criteria for which a character will be considered OP.

  • They have no time limit, in one or any of their forms. (1 Points)
  • Their strength, in normal or strength form, exceeds 400,00. Or they simply described as being able to overpower most, if not everything. (1 Points)
  • Their speed in normal or speed for exceeds Mach 25. Or they are simply described as having absurd speed. (1 Points)
  • They have no defined limit to how big they can get. (This is an issue because the bigger an Ultra gets the faster they are suppose to tire out.). (2 Points)
  • They have attacks that capable of cosmic level destruction. i.e. the devastation and/or destruction of celestial bodies such as planets. (2 Points)
  • The only foes that can logically challenge them can be described as 'god tier' or are lovecraftian entities. (3 Points)
  • They have stats, features abilities.whose description are simply absurd, or just boggle/defy known science. This is especially true when they are compared to 'normal' Ultras such as the canon Ultra Brothers. (6 Points)
  • Even if all the above is relugated to a Final Form, if said form is easily accessible, or worse, was immediately available/was not 'earned' after their long struggles and journey, that character is definitely OP. (6 Points)

If your character falls under the either of the last two points, they are certified OP. If your character reaches Six (6) Points, they are OP. However, if for the last point, the situation is the opposite, and said finale form, which has all the points covered, was earned, it is changed to -6 points.


  1. OP Characters cannot crossover with Non OP characters, unless permission is given.
  2. If your character exists to fill the Ultraman King/Legendary Ultra role, they can appear so long as they only fullfil that function.
  3. If you want your character to crossover with the others...they have to appear in a nerfed form. (you could explain it as being a result of different physics etc)