SolZen here and I've just come up with a few Categories for Users to use. I'm putting up this blog because Double Categories is somewhat of an issue on the main Wiki. If they don't come up yet just copy and paste from her.

  1. Fan Ultras: Obviously for Ultras
  2. Fan Kaiju: This is reserved for giant monsters of a non-sentient kind
  3. Fan Seijin: This is for Aliens, not space monsters, only sentient aliens should get this category.
  4. Fan Kaijin: This is for beings like Espers (Psychics) and other characters whose origins do not stem from outerspace. Both Sentient and non-sentient get this, if they transform into monsters then they can also get the Fan Kaiju category as well.
  5. Main Character (Continuity): This will help User keep track of the continuity of their characters
  6. User Name: Since this is a fan sight, Putting your name as a category can help you keep track of which characters are yours. This idea came from Zombiejiger.

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