Greetings, I write this blog for anyone who has come after and ponders the question 'who's this Dao character' or something to that affect. Granted he may be referred to as 'that Shiny Bastard', the 'Shiny Worshiper', and 'Anathema'.

I write this article to help people understand, why certain things are the way they are on our wikis now and how they came to be this way.

What is the Dao Crises

The Dao Crises refers to a period of a few months, between late 2016 to early 2017, when a User named Lord Ba Dao was most active on this site and Super Robot Fanon Wiki (SRFW). It was a period of great annoyance and disgust on the Ultra-Fan/SRFW community.

The crises was named so, due to the blatantly disgusting pages that Dao was creating, things that operated on shock humor and often touted content so abhorrent in and out of context as to make the Holocaust look tame. Dao's writing included talk of rape, genocide, child molestation, slavery and child soldiers, right of the top of my head. Now on SRFW, writing about more mature subjects is not forbidden...but Dao did them with all the grace of a Rhino trying to figure skate. His characters, twisted copies of popular robot heroes such as Optimus Prime, Voltron, the Megazord and others, were being practically praised in these pages as some beacons of morality and justice, when all they were, were sick perverted, genocidal bigots. The epitome of all of this, was 'Shining/y Convoy' who was the Hitler of this robotic Reich whose motivations for all the evil he had committed in these stories basically boiled down to...nepotism... To make things worse, the troll himself admitted that Shiny was basically a Mary-Sue in the more traditional meaning of the term i.e. a representative of the author/writer himself.

The thing that made these articles truly...annoying...disgusting, was that each page was practically trying to convince us, the readers that these actions were just, and these characters were morally wholesome. The dialogue and pages spoke of these with smug self-praise and acted like there was nothing wrong with them, practically insulting

Dao's actions seemed to only ever get more outrageous as time went on. It seemed that he was only ever trying to push the boundaries of how much bile he could get away with. Now you're probably wondering, 'how did this all happen'?

How Did it Start and Why Did it Happen

When I started SRFW I was desperate for Users and views, heck at the time of this posting I still am. Dao was...probably either the first user to come on, or one of the first. I was ecstatic...a feeling that did not last. Dao's work was risky at the beginning, but alas, I wrote myself into a corner with the rules. They had allowed him the right to write what he felt like with much impunity. The main reason he was allowed to continue was...I don't like going back on the rules I make, even if they become an inconvenience. I perhaps have an extreme aversion to obvious hypocrisy, though one wonders if that was worth the stress the little blight caused, I have since erred on the side of "NO".

At one point in time, I literally gave up on SRFW, he was putting on more nonsense than I could complain about. Then he made his mistake, he tried to bring his nonsense onto Ultra Fan. It was at this time a new rule was conceived, the Ostracization Rule, or 'the community votes to ban a user' rule. This rule was implemented on both Wiki's and effectively brought an end to the crises.

In the months that followed Dao would sometimes return on Live Chat, to be...well what he as always been, an annoyance. There was even a time he tried to pose as another person, a User, Lord Dragon or something. This was the longest lasting sockpuppet for no reason other than because he actually behaved like a rational human being...enough to convince us not to immediately ban him again. Though in all honestly, seriously 'Dao's 'friend' appearing right after Dao got kicked off the chat, did you seriously think no one thought that suspicious?

Regardless, he appears everyone once in a while, a troll starved for attention. I have since given up on any sort 'redemption' for him, a long, long time ago, and I suggest you operate on the same logic.

What are the Consequences

The consequences of this crises are several, mainly in the form of new rules.

Firstly, we the Live Chat are quick to want to ban anyone new who pops up so we implemented the rule that, only Users with several edits should be on there. We've been somewhat lax with this rule, however. However, if you're new and you come on and you feel like everyone is staring at you, you now know why.

Secondly...our patience for immature adult content is at an all time low. If you can't treat a serious topic with some of the respect that it deserves, you're going to be asked to remove it. In fact don't do it at all. Listen I like Dark Humor, ironically enough, most of the people who post it on this Wiki...cannot do Dark/Mature Humor without being an idiot about it. Many of these people know this and don't do it, so save us all the trouble and don't do it.

Mecha Fanon Wiki: Yup, the little troll actually went and copied my Super Robot Wiki, he even stole the first page and the rules page content. I am not going to 'press charges' because I've seen that Wiki, it's filled to the brim with the same tripe he was kicked out for, even worse now that he makes his own rules (or copies them and doesn't follow through), and because he altered said pages upon accusations by other users that saw it, and because I've heard that the site was shut down by Wiki Central over harassment accusations (surprising none came from users of this community as far as I know)... I would facepalm but this amuses me. In the end, that Wiki is gone so it's a moot point I suppose.

The Ostracization Rule stands as part of the body of Rules for both Wikis. Also, now instead of all the heartache, you will be warned, you have three chances. Note than defying any one of those three warnings is enough to have you blocked or straight up banned. The point is, you will only get three warnings. If you think this is cruel and unfair...blame Dao

I sincerely hope we have learned something from this whole fiasco, mainly you can have enough kindness to drown yourself... We will, and I hope, always operate on the ideals of fairness or at least strive towards them, but the time of making concessions and trying to be nice to those clearly too ignorant to over.

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