In the name of promoting unity (like we need it at this point, but it never hurts) I decided to create a new Category called Free-To-Use.

Putting this on a page, presumably not a Series/Continuity Page, means you are allowing other users to use your creations in their works, the same way we use stuff from the main series/wiki.

A prime example are my Psycho-Wave Generator, a device that summons Kaiju from wherever they are, and my own Seijin the Ice Lords, who Zombiejiger even used in his own special for Ultraman Gamma.

Now, you can use the page, but you can't change anything besides, adding history for your own series. In the case of Seijin or variations of the Kaiju, you can make a seperate page and connect it to the original source, but you can't change them.

Also I will be adding several Orion Kaiju to this category in the future. If you have any Kaiju you would like to use, then drop them down in the comments section.

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