Hey guys, SolZen here and I've got another editorial, this time about Fight scenes and Fighting Styles.

The Difference

Before we start let us be clear we understand the difference between a fight scene and a fighting style.

A fighting style is basically how someone fights, it is more than the techniques on their personal page, those are just part of it. A fighting style is part of a character's personality.

I already have a blog about fighting styles, but to safe you time, here are the main types of fighting style used by Ultras (note this is a fan creation based on obvservation...I'm beginning to think I watch too much of this show...)

Main types

  • Physical Fighter: Like Tiga, this doesn't mean they have limited energy abilities, they just generally prefer using their hands to fight. They are usally quite skilled combatants.
  • The Beam Fighter: This type of character has a menagerie of different energy/beam attacks but are often lacking in the hand-to-hand department. This type is not generally physically weak, despite the name. An example is Dyna or Ace (who has been described as a braweler in combat).
  • The ESP Fighter: Like Ultraman Cosmos, this type can use energy abilities for more than just beams, often their skills are beyond the other fighters but their physical ability is is usually quite lacking.

Sub Types

  • The Speed Fighter: The warrior that is quick on his toes but usually are not that strong. This type can be combined with other types.
  • The Power Fighter: A powerhouse similar to the Physical Fighter, they are often slow and the least skilled type when energy abilities/attacks are concerned.
  • The Newbie: This type is the one most likely to change, it usually starts as a physical fighter but gains attributes of other types as the character grows and their power matures.
  • The Veteran: This type is for the character that returns, the flaws in their style have been compensated by experience and they are more skilled because of it. This is for characters whose series have finished and are making a cameo or mentor secondary characters. Veterans are generally the most powerful characters since their experience grants them greater fighting abilities.
  • The Martial Artist: This follows the style of Leo, usually a physical fighter, this type of character often learns his new techniques after defeat, training to grow stronger. They are often the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants
  • The Wizard: This character, despite usually being a physical fighter, often has several ESP/Energy/Light tricks up their sleeve.

Other SubTypes/Types

  • Mentor/Superior: This figure is a powerful force and similar to the Veteran, they do not need a lot of techqiues given to them since they usually only show up to give exposition or help their Subordinate out of a jam. Often they are the teacher of the main character.
  • Golden Boy/Girl: A character who is special in that they are known to possess incredible potential for growth. Exmaples would be Ultraman Taro, Zero (Who went too far with this), my own Ultraman Orion, Ultraman Sorta and Gamma. Such characters are best started of as Newbies to counter their potential to be overpowered.

A fight scene however, is how you write/describe that during a battle. It has less to do with the fighting style and more with how it is illustrated/described when in use.

How to decide a fighting style

Now chosing a Fighting style is all about chosing what works best with the character. Hotheaded characters are usually Physical Fighters, the methodical maybe beam fighters and the rather kind may be ESP Fighters. Despite all of these difference, more than likely they will engage in some form of physical combat.

Fighting styles may also change with different forms/modes, they may also change as your character matures and learns, they don't have to remain the same

How to write a fight scene

Now this is probably where you think I would tell you how to write and the problem is, I can't. No one writes the same way, no one. Worse, everyone has their own level of skill when it comes to writing.

To be helpful, there are two main ways fight scenes are written on the wiki I like to call them, Meticulous and Motions.


This is the style I aim for, despite the name it is not necesarrily dreary or drool. With this style, every blow, kick, block, beam and event in the fight is described in chronological order. The point is for the reader to read and imagine everything happening, like an episode of the actual series. The only drawback is that you writing may come of as taking too long, but if you know what you're doing. Truth be told, it probably helps to play out the battle in your mind and write down what you imagine.


Less descriptive and more concept, the Motions style of fight scenes basically gives the barebone description of what happens. This doesn't really need an explanation, it's simple, very simple, basically anyone can do it. Ture motions however, are about the flow of combat. They mya not be descriptive, but at time it could be mistaken for a less descriptive version of meticulous, the reader can just imagine the scene in their head and every passing moment.

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