Since we've had the Character Originality Awards, I decided, why not one for the Kaiju?

The awards will be in categories and perhaps rounds. Right now I'm going to ask for some ideas, before I make the official list.

The categories are:

  • Most Original Kaiju
  • Most Original Villains
  • Most Original Seijin
  • Most Powerful Kaiju
  • Most Powerful Seijin
  • Most Powerful Final Kaiju (Kaiju and Seijin)
  • Scariest Kaiju (Kaiju and Seijin)
  • Best Antihero
  • Best Backstory
  • Best Dark Ultra
  • Best Kaiju (Overall winner)


For those wondering what qualifies for each category, let me explain...

  • Most Original Kaiju: As it stands, the most original Kaiju, both in terms of design and abilities
  • Most Original Villains: The most original villains, this automatically disqualifies Kaiju, who are not sentient. The villain could even be human.
  • Most Original Seijin: Similar to Kaiju, but for Seijin
  • Most Powerful Kaiju: Should be simple enought to understand
  • Most Powerful Seijin: Ditto 
  • Most Powerful Final Kaiju (Kaiju and Seijin): The most powerful opponent fought at the end of the series.
  • Scariest Kaiju (Kaiju and Seijin): The kaiju or seijin that when you read about them just disturbed you, or outright scared you.
  • Best Antihero: The overall most powerful, best backstory, and often times, philosophical foil to the hero.
  • Best Backstory: Of any character, Ultra, human, Seijin, Kaiju etc.
  • Best Dark Ultra: What's to say, who do you think was the best dark Ultra?
  • Best Kaiju (Overall winner): See below


  1. Only fan creations, or fan versions of characters.
  2. You can have the same character nominated for different categories.
  3. Make sure you've made all your choice before hitting the vote button.
  4. No Lovecraftian entities for Power Categories (Father of Darkness and Void Eye)
  5. After the initial rounds, all the winners will compete for Best Kaiju
  6. If posting nominations, please copy and past the first list, to help me figure out who is for what, or at least make it very clear.
  7. Basic rules of polls, don't try to change your choice after you voted, and don't try to vote more than once for a character.

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