I have been thinking of how to do the Darkness War and I have thought up about something interesting. Like the Battle World Collaborative Project I have decided to allow the Wiki Users themselves to do the story for this project.

My rules are simple

  • Firstly, the story must follow certain points.
    • Ultraman Orion is now using Enlightened form as his default mode, so there is no need to Mode Change except into Zen Mode.
    • King will not be fighting in the War, his duties do not allow him to do so, his temple will disappear during the war's start.
    • Ultrawoman Luter will not be fighting, since obviously she's pregnant. She will be wearing the maternal cloak Tori wore in the series.
    • Be sure to make reference to all of the combatants. Characters with certain fates already decided by their Users like, Orion, Gatanozoa and Mother of Darkness must meet said fates dictated in their history section.
    • The End Results must be how the story ends.
    • No bringing other characters into the Orion Continuity, only Ultraman Sorta and Gamma are allowed due to the events of the cross over movie. I will allow it if you can come up with a very good/sensible reason why your character would suddenly show up. If you wish to create a character then that's okay.
    • You can create your own Ultra character to have a cameo, but they must have a page and list their name in the character section with link as well for easy reference.
  • Editing
    • Each person can edit once after three different edits. If there is no one around to do so I will help by editing. I'm the only one excluded from this, but I will not be editing unless its to move things along.
    • Each person's edit is to be a paragraph, about 7 sentences long. I will be lenient, but only if the sentence is worth it.
    • Other than me or Gaia100, no one is to be editing another person's work. If there is a problem message me and I will deal with it when I get around to it.
    • Leave a signature after each edit to help keep track. There is a button for that in the page editor.
  • Finally
    • I expect the best of behavior, no insults or foul language. Constructive criticism is acceptable.
    • The editing is to be done on the Darkness War page on the Wiki for those who think I should do it on the Main Wiki and have them join in vote below. I make no promises but I will ask Tsuru and/or Teridax if we can do that.
    • The editing begins after Zombiejiger, Crazybeard and I have finished Cross Dimension Clash, not before.
The Project should be held on?

The poll was created at 17:30 on November 14, 2013, and so far 6 people voted.

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