Hey guys, back again to share my two cents for those who are willing to listen and/or need it.

Today I'm going to talk about how to create a proper or at least better Main Character.


The first thing you need to do remember is to give your main character a personality. When I say this I don't mean good guy, anti-hero, those are archetypes, basic molds upon which you can design your main character. I mean a personality. If you the author cannot look at your character and name some definitive character traits that most likely a problem. For example my character Orion/Alex is a kind soul, sometimes sarcastic, likes sweets and has something of a hero complex. He is also surprisingly smart and can be wise when he's ready and yes I thought up all of that when I was first typing this blog.

A personality is important for a main character otherwise how can the story develop in a natural way and more importantly how can your readers connect with them if your main character has no discernible traits they can identify with. Your character also has to develop and they need a starting point for character growth.

Now some may have trouble doing this but the alternative is that as you write you develop your character's personality along the way, revealing it/developing it as you go along. Note that its best if you figure it out early so they don't contradict themselves later on.


Your character should have a background, even if you don't reveal it, you the author should know and know how it affects the character. A back-story helps with character development and even with devising challenges your character will have to face later. It will also help in developing a personality for them

Character Growth

As your story progresses your character cannot stay the same, that's not to say you have to change their personality. For example, an Ultra/hero that started out as a childish kid, shouldn't still be a brat by the end of their series. When I speak of character growth I don't refer to power ups or new abilities/forms. A character should mature with time as they encounter challenges and situations. ultimately how you and when your character matures is up to you.


Your hero needs to be challenged, its all but mandatory, an overpowered hero is a boring one to watch or read about. A good hero needs good (you know what I mean) opponents and the stronger your hero the stronger their enemies need to be thus an incredibly powerful hero needs a plausible reason why any nobody alien or monster would be a threat to them (the reason for the three minute rule). Now some challenges are greater than others and end with character growth but these are for you to decide. Usually they involve the hero's life being endangered and/or his friends or an moral dilemma not easily solved.

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