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  • SolZen321

    Plans for Upcoming stories

    September 24, 2017 by SolZen321
    • Ultraman Flare
    • Atlanta: Journey into Extinction
    • Other Atlanta story
    • Ultra Editors
    • remind me in the chat

    • Dream Gone Wrong: On Metaverse Wiki
    • Mecha Fight Cringe: Similar to Ultra Fight Mary-Sue but with giant robots vs kaiju based on the cringe fests that currently plague our Wiki.
    • Sound of Thunder: Some star trek rip-off guys vs giant robots vs Sol as a giant sentient planet.

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  • SolZen321

    Planning Ultra Ratios

    September 20, 2017 by SolZen321

    Hey guys, this blog is in response to a recent (at the time of this posting) instance of an Ultra, well two, with really odd numbers for the Height, weight and even age.

    Now while it may be odd, hypocritical and even out of place for me to tell you how to scale and decide the height and weight of your ultras...that's assuming you're using your own lore.

    Now many of the fan fictions here, have Ultras that are suppose to come from M78, the Land of Light. However, many people do not stick to the lore of how tall and how much an Ultra should weight in relation to their height. So I'm here to help you since...well... I expect that you want to be show accurate.

    As for age, User HoshinoKaabi has a blog on deciding the physical age of your Ultra in …

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  • SolZen321

    I write this having recently written a post on the main wiki about Mystery in the Ultra Series and how most Heisei shows use it for their plot. Now with that in mind, I began to think about how we fan fiction writers, and writers in general, can use that in our own stories.

    Thinking about it, a lot of the better, more serious stories on this website, make use of mystery in their plots. In Orion the main mystery revolved around Orion, his past and his relation to Zoe. In Moedari, that whole thing was a cosmic mystery and personal mysterious about characters.

    In the canon shows most of the series define their plot according to this mystery, Orb's past, the various mysteries in Nexus, the cause of Kaiju appearing in Mebius, so on so for forth. …

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  • SolZen321

    I originally going to just add this to Zenon's page, but I decided to expand it for anyone that comes after him.

    Now, some people (and by some people I mean that one guy) are perhaps a bit confused as to why they cannot get a Titan Prince character in metaverse, or allow their character to OP. 

    Well firstly

    Now, forget the rules of OP characters I stated before, that's taking them out of context. The reason Titan Prince are not OP and OP Parody Charcters are just because OP is relative. With the Titan Princes, their power is matched and countered by each other, each with different and sometimes contradictory goals. There is no clear superiority between them. Sol may order around Akreious and Necrobane, but that's because they respec…

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  • SolZen321

    Rule for Parodies

    July 3, 2017 by SolZen321
    1. No more nonsense/offensive Parodies
    2. Limit the Gold in colors
    3. Nothing tops Ultraman King or the other Legendary Ultras
    4. Pages must be completed
    5. No more sons of Zero
    6. Nothing can 'overpower' another user's creation.
    7. Abandoned Parodies will be deleted
    8. You must ask for permission to use another user's characters
    9. pending
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