If you want to ignore this post, it's fine. But if you're interested in what are you seeing in the title, I'll explain it. Project D is an upcoming Ultra fan series created by Sentinel 72 about an ancient giant awaking in the future and defend Earth from evil. I've been planning to add some characters for quite sometime now, including the attack teams, the non-human allies, the monsters and aliens, and the Ultras. 

Human Characters

Of course, it won't be an Ultra series without an attack team and human allies. Project D will have a multi-nation defense organization, 3 attack teams and 4 other human organizations. 

  • EDL (Earth Defense League): A multi-national defense organization responsible for observing monsters and aliens regarding their activities on Earth. They are the creator of DASH, GUTS and MAC. 
  • DASH (Defensive Aerospace Sky Hunters): An attack team responsible for defending the skies. 
  • GUTS (Global Utility Task Squad): An investigation and utility team responsible for investigating paranormal activities and support DASH and MAC in combat. 
  • MAC (Monster Attacking Crew): A ground attack team that has constant membership changes (due to high death rates). 
  • UNVER (Underground Network Viewer and Emergency Response): A construction company responsible for rebuilding destroyed cities and create underground structures. 
  • SSP (Scientific Street Patrol): A patrol team that patrols the streets of Japan. While not a part of EDL, they report directly to the EDL if something strange appears. 
  • Alchemy Stars: A science group responsible for creating the advanced technologies used by the EDL and their attack teams, UNVER and the SSP. 
  • Chiruya Productions: A company that bought a rival studio in Thailand and broadcasts the famous Ultra series worldwide after years of absence. The newest installment, Ultra ??? is currently on it's 34th episode and is popular among the anime community. 

Allies (Non-Human and Non-Ultras)

Ultraman Dent's allies that will help him on his quest to defend Earth. This part is for none-humans and none-Ultras but human-like species do count. 

  • Dettonians (not sure): The Dettonians are related to the Underground People but they are resistant to sunlight. They are protected by Dettons. 
  • Victorians: The Victorians are related to the Underground People but they are resistant to sunlight and have superior energy manipulation. They are protected by Shepardon and Ultraman Victory. 
  • Dettons: The protectors of the Dettonians. They are similar to Telesdon but lacks the fireball attacks. 
  • Shepardon: The protector of the Victorians. He is the loyal guardian and pet of Ultraman Victory. 


I've been planning to add several Ultras on the series. Most of them are... overshadowed.

  • Ultraman Dent: The main character and protagonist of the series. An ancient giant that have slept for millions of years have reawakened and will protect Earth again.  
  • Neo-Ultra Brothers (can I borrow the name?): My answer to the Heisei 10 Ultra Warriors from the Ginga S movie. Consists of 10 Ultras that are forgotten by many but remembered by few.
    • Ultraman Joneus
    • Ultraman Great
    • Ultraman Powered
    • Ultraman Scott
    • Ultraman Chuck
    • Ultrawoman Beth
    • Ultraman Zearth
    • Ultraman Nice
    • Ultraman Neos
    • Ultraseven 21
  • Ultraman Victory: The protector of the Victorians that broke his legs after saving Earth in 2014. Undergoing intense therapy sessions to restore his mobility. 
  • Unnamed Secondary Ultra: I've been considering a secondary Ultra as Dent's sidekick but I haven't decided on it yet. 
  • An Anime Ultrawoman: Don't worry, she'll only appear on the new Chiruya Ultra series. Suggestions regarding her name is open. 
  • Ultraman Belial: He's still evil, but in a good way. He's going to be much more sympathetic and stronger than his previous incarnation. He still hold a grudge against Zero but not to the other Ultras. 
  • Ultraman Zero: Everyone's favourite Ultra is back, while being crossed by Alien Guts because, hey, why not?

Enemies and Antagonists

The enemies are numerous but the heroes can handle them. The antagonists will take a while to get rid off. 

  • Chaos Organism: A deep space organism that can mutate and corrupt living monsters or create an entirely new monster. The nemesis of Ultraman Dent since their first meeting. 
  • Yapool Outcast: An individual Yapool who plans to conquer Earth by cooperating with the Chaos Organism
  • Alien Babarue Raven: An insane Alien Babarue with a vast empire that covers 8 solar systems. 
  • Leer Ragon: A Ragon capable of human speech. He's obsessed with mirrors and other Ragons. Personality is loosely based on Lr. Ragon (when will his block get lifted?), an editor of the Ultra Wiki. 
  • Yapool's Subordinates: Yapool Outcast's minions that creates several amazing monsters.
    • Alien Zetton: The calculative guy on the team. He's the alien that does research on everything to improve the Chojus. 
    • Alien Chibu: The smart guy on the team. He's the alien that chooses what Chojus should be infected with the Chaos Organism. 
    • Alien Bat: The brash guy on the team. He's the alien that sets the strength bars and special moves of Chojus. 
    • Alien Hipporito: The artistic guy on the team. He's the alien that designs the Chojus while trying to keep them as simple as possible. 
    • Alien Temperor: The leader of the group and reports directly to Yapool Outcast. 
  • Yapool's Informants: Yapool Outcast's spies located on Earth.
    • Alien Zarab: Disguised as a dentist under the name Barney Ramirez in South America. 
    • Alien Pitt: Two of them lives on Earth as twin sisters in Japan. 
    • Alien Terror: Disguised as... let's try not to talk about it.
    • Alien Makindo: Disguised as a businessman in North America. 


Well that's it then for the blog and plans then. Thank you so much for reading this to the end. Thanks for those who keeps supporting me and I'll try my best to start the series as soon as possible. It's going to be a busy week at school next week, so yeah... Anyway, thank you very much for reading this. Good luck Commanders. 

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