So, I've made a list of the Ultras that will appear in Project D (excluding some, sorry guys). One particular Ultra that has an interesting fact and a trivia mention is Ultraman Zero. We all know that Zero is one of the most powerful Ultra heroes, using fancy techniques and forms to beat enemies. However, there's one part that I will focus on:

"Has a huge secret only his father and therapist are aware of. If you can predict Zero's secret, then The Almighty Script will make a new page."

Of course, this blog is entirely dedicated in answering that question (ironic since I've made that page and this blog). I won't answer about it but I want all of you to guess what is Zero's largest secret that could seriously jeopardize his entire reputation.

Theories and Proofs

Add theories and proofs in this part. Right your name as well.

Answers, Time Limit ant the Prize

If you managed to answer the question correctly, then The Almight Script will make a new page regarding something. The time limit of getting the correct answer for this confusing and baffling question is at the end of the year.

Parting Words

That's it for today then. Hope you enjoy it and of course, Good luck Commanders.

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