This is Sentinel 72, the creator of Project D, the Sentinel Short Skits, and Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3-Expanded. We're only going to talk about UFE3-Expanded for this one. 


First of all, UFE3-Expanded is a really difficult page to write. While it may seem simple, choosing the monsters and aliens that are not too similar to one another is quite challenging. The Ultra movesets are also difficult to choose, since Ultras have a wide arrange of techniques compared to monsters. 


If you want to add monsters or aliens, just say it down in the comment sections. Skins and maps are also allowed. Just don't edit the page without my permission. 


I deliberately made the page different from the others because I'm tired of seeing Ultraman Fighting Evolution games with random names. Making an expansion for an old game brings a new variation towards the series. Also, it's inspired by some mods, most prominently Rise of the Reds, which is a mod for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, which is an expansion of Command and Conquer Generals. 


That's pretty much what I can say about it. Oh, one last thing. Some of the anonymous users believed that the game is real. While it's quite amusing, I'll just say it now. The expansion is real. See the first gameplay footage here.

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