This is Sentinel 72, the creator of Project D and Sentinel Short Skits, as well as the guy who keeps submitting stuffs and go to chat like a desperate attention seeker. I created this blog to talk about two things:


First of all, it's a week before Halloween and happy Halloween to those who will celebrate it. I'm sure that there will be some kid knocking through your door asking for candies (except for one of the users here who got greeted by a bunch of clowns). Unfortunately, the principal of my school is a bit too strict about Halloween so we can only wear costumes until 10.40 AM. Enough of the stuffs and let's get straight into the point.

Question 1

So, what will you do during Halloween (or days leading to Halloween). It's not only in real life, but in the Fan Wiki as well. I can confirm that I'm working on an SSS for October 31st but I'm curious on what will you guys do. (Extra Note: Hopefully nobody makes a horror one-shot episode (although it will be fun to read)...)

Question 2

Will there be any events on Halloween for this wiki? I might sound like Flurr now but I'm curious whether there will be some kind of event on this wiki at October 31.

Project D and the SSS

As you might know, Project D is a series showing the story of 3 Ultras (mostly Dent's) fighting rampaging monsters and evil aliens with the help of the extremely militaristic EDL and their sub-organizations: DASH, GUTS, and MAC. The Sentinel Short Skits (shortened to SSS) are series of short stories telling the strange stories of various things, many of which are canon to Project D. There are two things I've been considering about both of the series:

Number One

Since writing a single episode for Project D is tough (It takes a month of thinking and 2 weeks of working), I've been thinking to put several episodes of Project D into an SSS to ease up time. I'm also thinking to change Project D's writing format from a school book into the SSS's writing format, because it's far easier to write that way. You can tell your opinion about this on the commens section.

Number Two

If you think writing Project D is hard, the SSS is something else. While shorter and easier to write, the SSS requires clear ideas and not just normal ideas, but ideas that suddenly pops from your head and flow through your brain like a hurricane that hits the Carrib- (ok, I've gone too far). Anyways, I've been thinking about making a page for the SSS where in the comment section, you are allowed to put random ideas for the next SSS. It's still in planning but who knows.

That's all for this blog, thank you very much for reading and scrolling down the page until your mouse scroll/fingers burn. Please do respond in the comments section, I'd like to see some answers and advice down there. Anyways, good luck and fair seas.

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