Now that I've rewritten the entire page from scratch, I'll give you a proper introduction. Project D is an upcoming series created by Sentinel 72 about an ancient Ultra who wakes up after 66 million years of absence. There are previous posts I've made that you can see in my User Blog Post. Either way, here are the characters that will appear in Project D.


  • An Idol: The only real reason for me to add an idol is to erase them from Project D. They will be erased safely (no deaths, no blood, just magic)
  • Bunch of Kids: It won't be an Ultra show without kids. Of course, this isn't Ultraman Leo so none of them will die. 
  • Lots of Pedestrians: It should be expected that a good Ultra series have pedestrians on the city and they run away when there's a monster. I presume that the reason on why Ultraman Saga isn't fun (for me at least), is because the pedestrians appeared in the last second. 
  • Street Gangs, Street Thugs, Yakuza, The Mafia, and Loan Sharks: The villains of the street, the minions of a smart alien, or a food for giant monsters. One of them will have a plot importance. 
  • Video Game Addict: Definitely not me (although I'm addicted to writing). 
  • The Law Enforcement: Police, Medic, Firefighters, etc. 
  • The Military: The lackeys of EDL that somehow works better when MAC is around. 
  • Protestors: Whether they're anti-alien (which also means Anti-Ultra) or shoe haters, they will always cause chaos on the streets. 

Friendly Aliens and Other Creatures

  • Alien Baltan Foedus: An Alien Baltan who was a student of Ultraman Belial. After studying and training with his fellow students for 200 years, he returned to the Ultraman Animus universe, thus starting the entire series. 
  • Alien Pacifist: As the name clearly says, this alien does not like fighting. This particular Alien Pacifist named Paz is being chased by an Alien Martil for causing the death of Alien Martil's son.
  • Golgolem: One of the space beasts created by Dark Zagi and the only one loyal to Mephisto (even Nosferu, his previous pet betrayed him). It followed it's master to Earth and would stay on his side. 

Enemy Aliens

  • Alien Martil: This warrior born alien is chasing Alien Pacifist Paz for over 20 years. He wants to avenge his son's death caused by Alien Pacifist.

Fan Ultras

  • Ultraman Renius: Suggested by FlurrTheGamerMixel. Ultraman Renius is an Ultra who have travelled to various universes. Unfortunately, Renius is now stuck in the Project D universe and can't find a way home. While waiting for a Universal Über to pick him up, he meets with Ultraman Dent and helped Dent in defeating a monster although they quickly became rivals after that.
  • Ultraman Animus: Suggested by Galaxilord 1954 EX. This man-made Ultra can absorb the souls of monsters and aliens to increase his own power. Before his series starts, he became a student of Ultraman Belial alongside his future nemesis Alien Baltan Foedus and his rival Ultraman Nova.
  • Ultraman Card Emerium Comet: An Ultra created by UltraGrenburr while the fusion was created by me. He'll appear late in the series.

Official Ultras

  • Ultraman: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Zoffy: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraseven: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Jack: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Ace: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Taro: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Leo: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Astra: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Mebius: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Hikari: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Zero (again): Yes, he'll be crossed by Alien Guts in the future. He'll have a big role in the story (indirectly).
  • Ultraman Ginga: Telling what happened to him would be a big spoiler.
  • Ultraman Orb: Yes, Orb will be in Project D although he'll only appear briefly but will be constantly mentioned by the Neo-Ultra Brothers.
  • Dark Mephisto: After 12 years of absence, Dark Mephisto is back with an actual role instead of being a doll. This time, Mephisto goes to Earth to warn the EDL of the upcoming threat that is an insane Dark Faust. 

Sentinel 72's Ultras

  • Ultraman Nova: An Ultra from an unknown origin who has watched Earth for over 200 years. Nova has been trained by Ultraman Belial since his childhood alongside Alien Baltan Foedus and Ultraman Animus. After finishing his training (unlike the other two who dropped out), he went to Earth by the suggestion of Ultraman Belial. There, he'll fight alongside Ultraman Dent, the EDL, the Neo-Ultra Brothers, and later on, Ultrawoman Six. He is the not so serious, sarcastic and humourous sidekick of Ultraman Dent.
  • Ultrawoman Six: An Ultra originating from the newest installment of Chiruya Productions' Ultra series. After finding herself in the real world, she would have to struggle through hardships and misery. Of course, she'll meet Ultraman Dent and Nova who will assist her during battles. Her human host is Amy Serizawa, your average anime girl (short, energetic, wears dangerously short skirts, can sing, likes cats and dogs, equipped with the 1000 anime face expressions, etc.).


  • Dark Faust: A second Dark Faust that was never finished by Zagi. Having genius level intellect after absorbing a piece of Lethe, Faust immedietly began to start his quest on ruling the Project D universe. He is now extremely powerful, smart, calculative, arrogant, and is obsessed with tortur- I mean... errr... re-educating women. 
  • Alien Babarue Raven: Yet another smart antagonist taking the form of an Alien Babarue. Raven is the leader of Planet Babarue (Project D) and thanks to his leadership and cunning strategies, managed to expand the empire into 8 solar systems. He is extremely arrogant and cocky but is smart and cunning as well. He has the same obsession as Dark Faust, his best friend and ally. 
  • Underground People: The confirmed antagonist of the first episode of Project D. They are humans who have adapted and lived underground for millions of years. They are agressive and territorial, frequently harassing their neighbour, the Dettonians. They are guarded by King Telesdon. 

Monster of the Week

Awakening Arc

  • King Telesdon: Imagine a Telesdon with steroids and wearing a crown. That's King Telesdon, the fierce guardian of the Underground People. It is extremely powerful and durable but is weak to sunlight. 
  • Stryk: An ironclad turtle monster. Stryk can fire projectiles around his body and is resistant to normal weaponry. 
  • Gryck: A gigantic golem carrying a monument above it's shoulders. Gryck is physically powerful but lacks ranged weapons. 
  • Phrycc: A gigantic bird awakened from a volcanic eruption. Phrycc can spit fire and shoot lightning bolts. 

First Chaos Wave Arc

  • Chaos Strigon: A stegosaur-triceratops hybrid created by the Chaos Organism. Chaos Strigon can fire solar beams from it's horns and ram it's opponent at high speed. 
  • Chaos Taildas: A Taildas mutated by the Chaos Organism. Chaos Taildas can fire organic missiles from it's back and burrow at high speeds. 
  • Chaos Eligal: An Eligal mutated by the Chaos Organism. Chaos Eligal has scythes for hands and can fire hallucinogenic gas from it's mouth. 
  • Deltasaur: A dinosaur like monster that appeared in the middle of the city. It was defeated by Ultraman Dent and Ultraman Renius. 
  • Kyleroid: An alien from Planet Kyr. This last surviving member of the once feared alien race fights Ultraman Renius in the middle of the night. 
  • Chaos Kyleroid: The same Kyleroid from Planet Kyr is revived and powered by the Chaos Organism. It now has blades and moves faster. 
  • Chaos Ultraman: An imperfect Ultra clone. It was sent to Earth to observe Ultraman Dent's full power. 
  • Chaos Demon: The first physical form of the Chaos Organism. After absorbing the mind of a human, Chaos Demon has enough power to challenge an Ultra. 


Anyway, thank you so much for reading this post. I'll try to start the series at late August or early September. Again, thank you very much for reading. Good luck Commanders. 

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