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aka T N

  • I live in Bali, Indonesia
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Male
  • Sentinel 72


    May 2, 2017 by Sentinel 72

    This is a bit late but I need answers for these questions immediately.

    1. When did you get your first phone?

    2. What's the application you use the most on your phone?

    3. How many hours do you usually use your phone in one day?

    4. Are there any rules in your house regarding phones?

    4a. If your answer is yes, what are the rules?

    5. Have you ever used for phone for studying / productive uses?

    5a. If you answer yes, how does your phone help your studies / skills?

    6. Has phones prove to be a distraction while studying?

    7. Are there any negative effects of using phones for your healh?

    8. What are the positive aspects of using phones for teenagers?

    9. What are the negative aspects of using phones for teenagers?

    10. Do you agree with parents placing limits on…

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  • Sentinel 72


    April 29, 2017 by Sentinel 72

    So I browsed through TVTropes earlier and I found this. 

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  • Sentinel 72

    Sad news from my household today, my cat, Louis (aged 10) has died. I'm not sure what caused his death but I presume that he died due to starvation (he hasn't ate for some time, not my fault). He's a good cat, a loyal one, one who likes to sleep with people during the night and play with some kittens (and dogs) during daytime. Now that he no longer lives, may God keep his soul in heaven. (Press F to pay respects)

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  • Sentinel 72

    This is Sentinel 72, the creator of Project D, the Sentinel Short Skits, and Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3-Expanded. We're only going to talk about UFE3-Expanded for this one. 

    First of all, UFE3-Expanded is a really difficult page to write. While it may seem simple, choosing the monsters and aliens that are not too similar to one another is quite challenging. The Ultra movesets are also difficult to choose, since Ultras have a wide arrange of techniques compared to monsters. 

    If you want to add monsters or aliens, just say it down in the comment sections. Skins and maps are also allowed. Just don't edit the page without my permission. 

    I deliberately made the page different from the others because I'm tired of seeing Ultraman Fighting Evolut…

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    What's Next - 2

    December 27, 2016 by Sentinel 72

    So I've made a poll on Super Robot Fanon about what page should I write next but seeing that the wiki is a ghost town of sorts, I decided to put a link here so you guys can vote on it.

    To keep things fair, I won't vote. 

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