• MoarCrossovers

    Need a render/recolour? Grandpa's got your back, with guaranteed 15.76% more quality than Mao and Cdr.

    Just look at these stunning masterpieces!

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  • MoarCrossovers

    UB6 Chat Log

    November 4, 2017 by MoarCrossovers
    • MoarCrossoversEcchi: So tell me, sister - does your boyfriend mind sharing?
    • 7:58BigD2003Dark Legacy: WAIT WHAT
    • 7:58Cdr Raids AgainLegacy: Yes I do.
    • 7:58GlizzardLizzardOneManBandKore: Hello,Um,Strange Ultrawoman,Oh,And Hi Legacy And DL!
    • 7:58Cdr Raids AgainLegacy: Ssssshhh. He doesn't exist. It's better for everyone that way
    • 7:59BigD2003(Who is Legacy talking to?)
    • 7:59Cdr Raids Again(Kore)
    • 7:59GlizzardLizzardOneManBandKore: But Legacy,I Do Exist
    • 7:59Cdr Raids AgainLegacy: Not you.....
    • Legacy points to Dark Legacy
    • 8:00GlizzardLizzardOneManBandKore: Ok
    • 8:00MoarCrossoversHentai: You're not welcome here, sis.
    • 8:00Cdr Raids AgainLegacy leans over to Hentai
    • 8:00MoarCrossoversEcchi: Not by you, perhaps.
    • 8:00GlizzardLizzardOneManBand(Suddenly,Four Multicoloured K…
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  • MoarCrossovers

    I feel like it's finally time that Yugo and Aigo (and maybe Xenon Guardian Knight) got some official renders. Anyone with experience on image manipulation who is interested, leave a comment.

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  • MoarCrossovers

    From weakest to strongest, list all the Parody Ultras.

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  • MoarCrossovers

    A lot of new Ultras on this wiki tend to just be altered images of existing Ultras with new colour schemes. i ask for advice on how to change an Ultra's colours for an upcoming project; specifically, how to turn an image of Tiga Multi Type into Tiga Dark, Tornado and Blast.

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