I wanted to do a review on Mirrablaze by Emgaltan, so here it is.

This series combines the Mirrorman, Fireman, Gridman and Iron King series. Most of the appearing kaiju are non-Ultra kaiju, which I am a great fan of. It is also interesting how it is spelt "Mirra", which is the Japanese transliteration of "Mirror".

I like how the villain's backgrounds are altered to fit into the storyline. For example, the Invader's counterpart are Ivanians, and the Go-Nes are now leaders of those aliens. Khan Digifer is also created by them. The series features the lizardmen, the Mandarns, who also want the Earth. They had a war with the Ivanians before making peace and working together to take over Earth. Good luck Mirrablaze.

There are no episodes written, as in Legacy style, but the stories on the kaiju's history pages are pretty great. King Zaiger is now a Queen Zaiger which plays a major role in the series. She is sort of an antagonist that appears on and off, sometimes disguised as a girl.

Mirrablaze himself has a backstory similar to Mirrorman. He has the attributes of Fireman and Mirrorman.

The series features a somewhat ambitious number of kaiju, which I really cannot criticise considering I have the same situation. Guess there are too many kaiju that we want to have a reappearance.

Obscure kaiju awesomely used with nice plots, Mirrablaze is easily one of my favourite series on this wiki. (the others being Legacy, Zach and some others)

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