Mao Wu Kong

  • I live in Earth
  • My occupation is Ambassador to the Nebula M78
  • I am Male
  • Mao Wu Kong

    Ike! Prisman Opening

    August 17, 2017 by Mao Wu Kong

    I created the opening theme for Ike! Prisman on Scratch, check it out here...Ike! Prisman OP

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    Mirrablaze Review

    August 7, 2017 by Mao Wu Kong

    I wanted to do a review on Mirrablaze by Emgaltan, so here it is.

    This series combines the Mirrorman, Fireman, Gridman and Iron King series. Most of the appearing kaiju are non-Ultra kaiju, which I am a great fan of. It is also interesting how it is spelt "Mirra", which is the Japanese transliteration of "Mirror".

    I like how the villain's backgrounds are altered to fit into the storyline. For example, the Invader's counterpart are Ivanians, and the Go-Nes are now leaders of those aliens. Khan Digifer is also created by them. The series features the lizardmen, the Mandarns, who also want the Earth. They had a war with the Ivanians before making peace and working together to take over Earth. Good luck Mirrablaze.

    There are no episodes written, …

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    Toku Toys Wiki

    July 17, 2017 by Mao Wu Kong a kaiju figure collecter, I made a wiki for tokusatsu toys, if anyone wants to help out. Any suggestions about that wiki? Maybe it'll need more admins or something...

    Tokusatsu Toys Wiki

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    So for some reason, when watching some KR, I activated auto-subtitles in Japanese, and then auto-translated them to English. The results are amazing.

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    Well, I thought I'd make one of these...Here are 25 ways to annoy MWK.

    1. Say that tokusatsu is childish
    2. Say that it's useless to care about the environment
    3. When Trump thinks Singapore is in China
    4. When Trump thinks global warming is a hoax by China to slow America down
    5. Trump.
    6. Say "irregardless"
    7. When I subconsciously close window before publishing page
    8. Think this page is self reprimanding
    9. Think that my username is my name
    10. Shortage of time
    11. Tokusatsus that make female characters useless
    12. My (bad)plotting skills
    13. and writing skills
    14. The possibility of a guy with over 300 sockpuppets
    15. Whatsapp blue-tick-no-response situation
    16. Destroying an 80 year old flea market to build a condominium
    17. Watching toy reviews on rare kaiju figures that I do not own
    18. Not owning one soon enou…
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