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    It seems the confirmed new Ultras are Rosso, Bull and um, Lube. Rosso is the masculine word for red in Italian. Bull should perhaps be Blu in Italian, because there isn't the long sound at "bu" as would be in ブール, the more accurate spelling of Bull. The "u" is also a short one, whereas in the English "Blue" it would be long. This is like how Bullton can be translated as Bluton. So I guess they're going with colour names. As for Lube, I have no idea but I have heard that it is an approximation of Louve which means female wolf.  Edit: Apparently Bull IS in fact spelt buru in Japanese, with the short "bu". So I guess there is a chance that he is called Bull.

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    So I found a pic of the original Redman design draft with all his powers.

    • Red Beam Lens: Small yellow lens on forehead from which the Red Laser is fired.
    • Red Shot: Fired from eyes, a powerful beam that killed "Concorde"
    • Red Fire: 360000 degrees flames shot from his right fingertip
    • Slice Cutter: Orange triangular cutter fired from beam lamp on belt, when Redman's energy is low, strength will be decreased by half.
    • Red Arrow: (The only thing that ever made it into the show)

    I guess it should be added to the main wiki sometime, along with the other Redman kaiju design and powers which I might try translating soon.

    • Has arms that can tear a blue whale in 2
    • Breathes flames over 200 m that can melt tanks in 5 seconds
    • Immobilise prey woth poisonous liquid.
    • N…

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    This is somewhat weird but I decided to re-read my own series after I finished the 3rd arc and do a sort of self review. I'm not trying to do a writing guide or anything, this is just some stuff I noticed in writing my series and what I think about it.

    I started reading the first few episodes that I wrote years ago, and admittedly the cringe level was quite high. One thing I noticed is that you shouldn't add exclamation marks in the narration because it makes things seem informal. The other thing is...plot. For most of the earlier episodes the plot was virtually non-existent because I had indeed intended it to be like a Ultra Fight type series, where there was basically just fighting. At that time I was watching Greenman and Tsuburaya was st…

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    Some Very Old Toku Shows

    November 22, 2017 by Mao Wu Kong

    These are some tokusatsu that are very old, from the 1950s-60s. They're all in black and white. Their songs ae great too!

    About a underwater guy that comes up on land after his underwater continent is destroyed by a comet with a strangely familiar name called the comet tsuifon.

    An alien from the Andromeda Galaxy that comes to Earth. This show had quite a high budget with high quality effects, but was strangely produced to advertise a brand.

    A show that is mostly lost except for the first and a bit of the last episode. Made after Kōhan Kawauchi converted to Islam.

    A bit like Gekko Kamen, about a hero that can transform into seven different disguises.

    This one is particularly weird, featuring a kid who uses guns, rides a bike, has a dog sidekick and…

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    7-Colour Mask Colourized

    November 15, 2017 by Mao Wu Kong

    Sooo, I found a website that can colourize photos rather accurately. I decided to have fun adding colours to pics of one of the first tokusatsu ever, 7-Colour Mask. It was originally filmed in black and white.

    I managed to find the series: Here

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