So, since I came here, I've always been a little... Lost. Okay, well, little is an understatement. The point is, I've been just stumbling around and writing off of what I know/perceive. And I've been getting a lot of comments along the lines of, "This doesn't relate to Ultraman."

Well, I'm well aware of that now. So call this a cry for attention or a prank. I assure you, it's neither. The point of this blog is: I might leave. Call me petty, call me oversensitive, call me whatever you want. I've always felt kind of lost here, and I think the universe is starting to tell me that I was right.

I know I have some unfinished pages, and I don't care. If I do leave, I intend to try and leave forever, or at least long enough that I can forget all the comments I get that say I know next to nothing about the topic. Which is still basically forever (to quote Hadrian).

Anyway, I plan to move this to a more suitable location, along with this.

I know this was long, but I had quite a bit to say. Bye (maybe).

EDIT: I've made up my mind: I'm staying! ☺ I read the comments and Cdr's advice (just to be clear, I'm doing Ultracraft full-time now), and thanks to you guys. Y'all helped convince me. ☺

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