Yep. It's here... Feel free to leave some guesses in the comments if you want (or reactions to some of these). •••••••••

  1. Impersonate this.
  2. Impersonate him.
  3. Impersonate her.
  4. Mention Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  5. Dead chat.
  6. Mention Lukas dying. (Lukas is from Minecraft Story Mode.)
  7. Write something where Lukas dies.
  8. Ship me with someone. (Don't you dare...)
  9. Mention Dao ever talking about torturing or stalking me. EVER.
  10. Ship me with Dao.
  11. Cosplay as Lukas dying and send it to me. (This is why I prefer to only talk with people on the chat..)

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