Yaaaay!!! (I don't mean to be mean, so I'm sorry...)

  1. Mention the name "Dao".
  2. Keep calling him "sun god" after he leaves.
  3. Imitate one of his phrases.
  4. Call him Zearth.
  5. Cdrzillafanon's jokes.
  6. Dao sockpuppets (This was an obvi one.)
  7. Let Dao call him Jay.
  8. Spam chat.
  9. Sockpuppets. (>:3)
  10. Be cringy. (This one's really easy for me...)
  11. Emoji spam!! (Yay!!)
  12. Godzilla fanboys/fangirls.
  13. Any fanboys/girls. (I'm getting my ultimate Minecraft Story Mode obsession on!!)
  14. Mention MLP.
  15. Useless comments.
  16. Say you're leaving forever and then come back.
  17. Say Nexus sucks.
  18. Ramble on and on about a ship (I reeeeally wanna try this one...)
  19. Cdrzillafanon's existence/jokes.
  20. Easily break into his vault while he's talking about how secure his vault is.
  21. Humanity in the Transformers comics.

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