Leave ways to annoy in the comments! Can we reach 25? :3

  1. Akreious's existence.
  2. LunarExplosion's existence.
  3. Be crazy in chat. (my personal favorite :3)
  4. Play Gloryhammer.
  5. Somehow bring the Anathema to chat.
  6. Intentionally confuse Ultraman Flare with Ultraman Flare (Cinder Ultra).
  7. Being called the, "Elmo Teen".
  8. Let him watch this.
  9. Create a page entitled "25 Ways to Annoy Clee26". (HEHEHEHEHEHE)
  10. Force him to add Deviljho to his series.
  11. Keep saying "lemme smash" in chat. (?)
  12. Call him Mr. Dots. (This sounds hilarious!)
  13. Point out his constant use of ellipsis. (?)
  14. Cdrzillafanon's existence.
  15. Cdrzillafanon's jokes.
  16. Mention Dao.
  17. Make a tabberless page.
  18. Welcome a user to the wiki that's been here longer than you have.
  19. Mention something that's supposed to annoy him but doesn't.
  20. Two words: Sockpuppet. MADNESS.
  21. Spell Rogue as Rouge (like the makeup! :3 I'm probably the only person here who knows what rouge is...)
  22. Rename yourself Kiriya.
  23. Make bad names (e.g. Dinosaurus).
  24. Say you're leaving for a while, then come back.
  25. Reply to ancient comments.
  26. Making a #26 JUST to match Clee's username.

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