Okay, man. Ultra 101 has been having quite the update schedule, huh? When I started out it would take forever for Episodes, but in just the last month or so I have gotten roughly 3 episodes done! And with bonuses, like art! 

But alas, we are entering the "Last Quarter" of Ultra 101. Yes, that's right, 101 will be ending sometime this year. The current episode is 8, and I've already worked out 9, but then 10,11,12 will be the last episodes. Ultra 101 will end with episode 12. Because of the approaching ending, I have decided to ask you all about improvements. What sort of improvements to you want to see in the nearing final episodes? Longer Chapters? Wider cast of characters? Do you want a certain character to appear before it ends? What? I trully want to know what you all want from Ultra 101 before it ends. So, please tell me in the comments.

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