Top Row: Dada, Bado, Qraso, Babarou and Metron Bottom Row: Zetton and Icarus.

Hey guys! You might have noticed me talk about doing chibi art for 101. Well, here's some art I did! Think of it as a preview, as it doesn't include any main characters or the like. Half of these guys haven't even shown up yet.

Sorry but it's sort of tilted, *shrugs*

Anyway, I'd like to know what you guys think! x3

Batch 1


For Dada I decided to give 'em a sort of feminine appearance because, well you know why, just look at a Dada, it looks like a woman.


This guy was a little hard to get the head to look right, I couldn't give him the simian like appearance he had in the show, so I just went with that.


This guy was simple, nothing special, I just wanted to draw him since he has already shown up in 101.


In case you can't tell I gave him anime hair JUST BECASUE. Also, he's suppose to look "totes fab".


It's a Metron, nothing to special. (He's smoking incase you can't tell.)


I just wanted to get used to drawing long alien heads.


Zombiejiger requested this one actually! I gave him the anime swirly eyes to give him more personality.


From left to right: Mephiles, Baltan, Guts, Knackle and Valkye

UPDATE: Batch 2


His design hasn't changed that much from his official design, just simplified. He hasn't appeared in 101 yet, but he's gonna be the evil mastermind character.


You probably remember him from Episode 2 right? Then you might remember his name is Barrel, like the guy from Ultra Rush Supreme: Frontier(or whatever it was called). Because of that I took some details from him.


If you've read the character page then you'd know that this guy is named Garm, also like the character from Ultra DAI DAI RUSH: Expanded Place(or whatever it was called). Since he's based on Garm, I made him the old guy. Also, look at that scar!


Kill J is his name, as in "KILL JACK!". He looks like a mix between Showa and Heisei Nackle, and has a Rambo strap around his chest. If I could've, I would've given him more Rambo influence, like a headband.


It's Valkye looking like a cranky sailorman, what else is there to say?

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