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  • HoshinoKaabi

    So we had the finale, yeah that happened(for those who haven't read it yet: here it is) But who exactly are all the ultras needed to form Ultraman 101? Well, I’d like your suggestions with that. Here’s the list so far.

    1. Shin
    1. Zoffy
    2. Seven
    3. Jack
    4. Taro
    5. Ken
    6. Mary
    7. Ace
    8. Leo
    9. Astra
    10. Eiti
    11. Yullian
    12. Acura
    13. Colress
    14. Alphone
    15. Joneus
    16. Amya
    17. Elek
    18. Loto
    19. Great
    20. Powered
    21. Scott
    22. Chuck
    23. Beth
    24. Neos
    25. Twenty-One
    26. Zearth
    27. Tiga
    28. Dyna
    29. Gaia
    30. Agul
    31. Cosmos
    32. Justice
    33. Max
    34. Xenon
    35. Hikari
    36. Ex
    37. Nexus Red
    38. Nexus Blue
    39. Zagi(with his wig of course)
    40. Mephisto
    41. Faust
    42. Boy(yes he was chosen over Mebius)
    43. Nice
    44. Robin
    45. Ribut
    46. Gorian
    47. Zaji
    48. Drew
    49. Flare
    50. Rutia
    51. Orion
    52. Gigas
    53. Luter
    54. Zwei
    55. Prime
    56. Tori
    57. Impulse
    58. Torrent
    59. Gamma
    60. Phoenix
    61. Sol
    62. Elektra
    63. Typhoon
    64. Reuz
    65. Gaixus
    66. Sorta
    67. Contra
    68. Pyro
    69. Aero
    70. Nero
    71. Draco
    72. One
    73. Moedari
    74. Zach
    75. Kain
    76. Chimera
    77. Giz
    78. Xeo
    79. Gozu
    80. Naga
    81. Babylon
    82. ZX
    83. Leg
    84. Brotein
    85. Eeznus
    86. Rauda
    87. Hakarl
    88. Aqool
    89. Jeanne
    90. Zero
    91. Mebius

    So, any suggest…

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  • HoshinoKaabi

    Hey, anyone else seen the Ultraman Vol. 7 cover?

    So we know the guy in the front is Ace Killer, but who are the two behind him? I think the one to the left might be Lunatyx, but probably not. I'm assumning they're meant to be Choju, because, well you know.

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  • HoshinoKaabi

    My Next Project

    December 11, 2015 by HoshinoKaabi

    Okay, so as you probably no, Ultra 101 will be ending soonish, hopefully before the year is done, but'll probably go into early next year.

    Anyway, I've been considering a new Ultra fanfiction to work on, but I wanted to consult someone for opinion. I don't want to come out and announce to the wiki exactly what the new fanfiction is, I sort of want to save that, so if someone is okay with maybe me talking to them about it through maybe email, that'd be nice. Preferably someone who's really done good work here, like SolZen or Stephan.

    Reminder, I'm not asking for a collaboration or anything, just an opinion. Sorry if this seems to like too much or too weird to ask, :P

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  • HoshinoKaabi

    Who else has been watching this new anime? For those of you who don't know, the basic premise is it's in a world where every sort of Japanese action media exists. That means that there are Kaiju, giant heroes, henshin heroes, magical girls, and super-robots all in the same world. Pretty geeky settup, huh? So, anyone been watching it? I have. I like it a lot so far, it's only got 4 episodes as of today.

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