Here is my custom chimera kaiju I thought of.

Name: Omega King

Body Parts

Head: Zaigorg, Kelbeam, Bogarmons

Torso: EX Fire Golza(fanmade), Hyper Zetton

Stomach: Hyper Zetton

Inverted Jaws or Wings: Bogarmons, Hyper Zetton

Spines: Tsurugi Demaaga, Zaigorg

Right Arm: Tsurugi Demaaga, Cybersaurus(fanmade)

Left Arm: Bogarmons

Upper Left and Right Shoulder: Tsurugi Demaaga

Lower Right Shoulder: Kelbeam

Lower Left Shoulder: Cybersaurus

Legs: Tsurugi Demaaga, Cybersaurus

Right Kneecap: Kelbeam

Left Kneecap: Zaigorg

Tail: Kelbeam, Cybersaurus

Roar: Main Roar: Galberos, Fire Golza(Tiga Universe), Golgolem

        Other Roars: Roars of All Monsters that are combined.

Allies: Alien Darkness (Creator)(Fanmade), Darkness’ Army

Enemies: Monster Allies, Ultraman Neptune(Ultraman oc), Rei’s Gomora

Height:  70 Meters

Weight: 75,000 Tons


Powers and Abilities

Fiery Ultrasonic Lightning Ray: Omega King’s beam is a combination of Zaigorg’s lightning ray, Fire Golza’s Ultrasonic Beam, and Kelbeam’s fireballs. It can do serious amount of damage.

Bogarmons Pincer: Bogarmons’ tail pincer merged with the original Bogar’s Mouth. It can extend to thousands of kilometers to capture prey. It can also electrify them.

Monster abilities: Omega King has all the monster’s abilities he was combined with and can provide total destruction. It also has the power to kill an Ultra if used more than once. Even abilities from other monsters Omega King wasn’t combined such as Gomora’s Super Oscillatory Wave, EX Red King’s Flame Road, etc.

Flight: Omega King can fly at extreme speeds thanks to Hyper Zetton’s Multiple Wings and Bogarmon’s Jaws.

Cybersaurus Arm: Omega King has Cybersaurus’ Claw arm which he can use to attack opponents Also, it has a gun attached to it to shoot dark energy. The claw is similar to Gloker Bishop's claw.

Omega Oscillatory Wave: Omega King has the Power of Gomora’s Super Oscillatory wave after absorbing DNA from Rei’s Gomora. It is powerful enough to lift monsters heavier or bigger than itself. It’s even as powerful as Reionyx Burst Gomora’s Super Oscillatory wave.

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