Galaxilord1954 EX

aka Starlord1954

  • I live in In a galaxy, far, far away.
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is Watching Disney's The Black Hole repeatedly.
  • I am Gender less.
  • Galaxilord1954 EX

    I am just so sick of Lord Bao Dao and what how bad everyone has argued and yelled about him, this day, August 29, 2016. So far, has been EASILY the worst day in the history of the Ultra Fan Wikia, we accomplished nothing, only deepened the fighting with the controversy Ba Dao has started......we need to stop this guys, we can do better. Thank you.

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  • Galaxilord1954 EX

    Well, as if the Ultra Fan Wikia, isn't enough, some guy made the Ultra FanFic Wikia, which basically only he uses.......Interesting isn't it, perhaps we could message him and bring him over on the TRUE Fan Wikia.

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