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    why hello everybody reading this for no reason! this series is about me thinking of ideas every day that are ultraman related ONLY.  so i can get back into the series and make renius a good series and the make more good series onwards

    after thinking and scrapping some ideas. i finally got things on the road. first up. i have felt zetton's original design has been used too much and needs something to make him final boss worthy again. i was going to make the glowing thing on zetton's face a eye but i scrapped that. i  made the chest lights two yellow crystals emerging from the chest. with lines of yellow energy going across the chest to zetton's "horns". i also felt like zetton was too classic looking. so i also made zetton's limbs more thin …

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    hey guys! wallcone to flurrs news!  cringes from the intro

    yeah. im back. i just felt like i needed a break from ultrafan. so yea.

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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    yes im leaving. dont question why. end of story.

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    Hey guys! Wallcone to flurr's news! Where i talk about stuff!

    So. Me and Cdr are working on the sequel to one of our RPs. And we've been wondering if anybody wants to join. So ill play out the rules for getting into the RP

    1. No parody ultras or kaiju unless they only appear once. this does not appliy to bullmark kaiju. cause they get a good laugh out of me and arent too OP. but no MBE plz

    2.Dont command us to add your ideas.

    3. No super duper OP fusions and characters.

    4. No swearing. ever.

    5. Dont force other people's characters to do stuff

    6. dont destroy the light dropship with your characters. ever.

    And thats all the rules. You can comment rule suggestions if you want


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    Hi! welcome to flurr's news! where i tell about stuff that has been happening lately or telling announcements and stuff

    okay so. renius' series might be cancled. why you ask? because i cant write long stories and keep planning stuff and chatting and dealing with school and being on other wikis and chat on those wikis. a helper would be needed. anybody wanting to help or have a question i will answer it.

    on amazon i ordered 2 bohrok va(with krana) and toa mata tahu. nothing really important about this one.

    okay bye

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