This is the first blog I've set up before. I've made this to share interesting things I stumble upon while surfing the Internet. Most the things shall be related to things of Tokasatsu stuff, but I meant find some else other then that.

Ok, first thing is about the Redman moe that Cdr showed people on Live Chat. I've found someone on Pixiv who makes lots of Manga style comic about Redgirl as I shall call her and Ultra Fight. It's a bit ridiculous as the monsters try many different attempts to kill her (which understandable). One such attempt had Garamon hold her in place as Telesdon/Detton prepared to impale Redgirl with her own Red Spear. When he went for it though, she had moved and so Garamon died. There's some other characters in the comics such as Alien Icarus, a Fireman moe I call Firegirl, and the Ultra Fight Ultraseven. Alien Icarus appears to just be there for pure comic relief as he is almost always killed. Firegirl doesn't completely seem to approve of Redgirl's murderous ways and tries to teach her compassion for monsters. Her attempts never really work out as one time Redgirl dropped Sartan off a cliff during one, and another time had her all of sudden try to kill Gorry and Booska. I don't really understand of why Firegirl sometimes participates in the killing, it can probably be explained by a gif image on Long Neck's page.
Tumblr niezgwur2m1s48ed7o4 250
Ultraseven doesn't like her killing either, and usually bags monsters that try to attack him such as Woo, Kiyla, and Eleking. They team up sometimes, and seems like Ultraseven kind of has a crush on Redgirl. A link to the moe Redgirl.

I also found some normal Fireman art.

This one is of Fireman fighting the monster, Harmonagan.

Ever wonder what Gudon looked like after Nerogiras ate him? Because I didn't.

Would this count as handstand?

Prepare to meet the wrath of Dorigon.

And finally Stegorus, my favorite Fireman monster.

This concludes this thing. I would like to know what you thought of my first blog post, and of all the stuff you have seen here. Have a nice day.

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