So I found that there are at least 3 other Ultraman wikies, and I would like to talk about them.


First one is what I'm calling the Tokuhero Ultra Wiki as he seems to be the one mainly managing it.

With this one, it seems like Tokuhero was starting on it, but might've found "our" wiki. He thought he couldn't measure up to the other one and virtually abandoned it. The wiki isn't very active, and just has some of the Ultramen series like the original, Dyna, Tiga, and a couple of movies.


The second one, I label as the Replacement Ultra Wiki, and the most interesting of three.

This one is interesting as according to one of the Admins, Nbajammer in a this thread , the wiki's purpose is to be a replacement to the one we go to. Apparently he and other admins of the hub wiki, Tokupedia had discovered that Ultraman Wiki's admins used Torrent links. They got mad about it, and began to argue about how to manage the wikies before the heads of Fandom told them to knock it off. They parted ways and made a this new wiki for Tokupedia, though still having good relations with a few of the our admins. Two of the notable admins is Goji73 and Yaoyao9. It doesn't seem to have information for every monster such as Arstron's appearances in Ultra Galaxy. Also, Sol and Z, I would like to know the specifics of what happened as I know you have the information.

Another thread:


The third wiki is the Stolen Ultra Wiki.

The thing with this wiki is that the main editor, 841968 copies information from other Ultraman wikies, and puts their information on his wiki. Teridex has apparently went there before, and asked him to stop stealing in this thread, Heck, the main page is actually copied from the 4th Ultraman wiki I just discovered as I was writing this. Also, this page is pointless,


The forth one is the Second Stolen Ultra Wiki.

This one is also created by Mr. 841968 and also includes stolen material, mainly it concerns with the Ultra series', the actors and important figures, and episodes such as the featured "Defeat Gomess". It's basically the same as the third. Also, why don't we have featured articles?

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