A few years back, the Deviantart artist Kaijusamurai put up a contest for people to create monsters that might be seen in the Ultraman franchise along with how their suit would be operated. I brought in several monsters from the contest to show people and vote on.


1. Hopper



Description: This is for Ultra Kaiju Contest by Matt Frank. This kaiju is a mutant frog kaiju and was create by acid rain on nuclear chemicals. He makes acid rain just by spitting out foam from his mouth

This suit is muscular but people without muscular body can still wear it.

2. Vehemelisk



Description: Many Eons ago, on the planet Sleth, a monument was constructed in the honour of a lost god. Some considerable time later, when the god was long forgotten and the monument's purpose fell into debate, some native scientists discovered the structure was built from a very rare mineral with a unique property: It could absorb any form of energy and discharge it in a multiplied, negative form. The mineral, dubbed Vehemium, was used in countless scientific experiments and demonstrations until one day something bizarre happened. The monument, having been prodded, poked, chipped away and harnessed, began to absorb vast amounts of energy from its nearby surroundings, the labs and buildings, the planet's core and even the Slethites themselves. It drew in more and more energy until it crackled and hummed with negative force before releasing it all in a cataclysmic explosion. Half the planet was destroyed in the blast, and standing in the epicenter of the carnage was Vehemelisk, its body formed from astounding amounts of leeched power and life-force. Its new body formed, the terrible creature launched itself into space, flying amongst the void, stopping only to absorb the power of stars, planets, races and everything else it crossed paths with. Finally it felt a great surge of power emanating from a far off world. It immediately set course for the planet, gliding effortlessly through the dark. As it travelled it felt the great surges of energy created by countless clashes between powerful beings and its hunger only grew. It longed to feast on the power of the beings, especially one who continued to grow stronger and stronger. Then one day it arrived. It hovered down onto the planet's surface and felt the tangible presence of raw energy in the air. Immediately it began draining the electricity from power plants, the life force of plants and animals, growing crazed on the crackling power. The residents of the planet tried fighting back, but their weapons were either too feeble or fired yet more energy to be devoured. Vehemelisk roared in amusement until suddenly it felt a presence; The presence it had felt in its journey to this world of delicious energy. Turning, it saw a metallic looking creature that stood almost as tall itself, standing defiantly before it. Suddenly the creature summoned a glowing halo of energy and fired it at Vehemelisk. The kaiju simply allowed the ring to explode against its shield before absorbing the particles of negative energy into its mouth and firing a negatron beam from the tip of its head. The beam struck with seething, resounding force and knocked the metallic man off his feet and sent him crashing through a building. Vehemelisk roared triumphantly, black and red lightning dancing on its claws when unexpectedly, a savage right hook struck it hard in the jaw, making a loud crack and causing the beast to whirl around and fall to one knee. Never before had it felt such power. Standing and facing its bizarre foe once again, it roared a second time, a sound full of malice and rage. It would be sweet to drink this opponent's energy. It would be sure to savor it.

3. Krullion



Krullion! He is probably about 50-60 meters tall. Krullion probably came from a young child's nightmare making him terribly hard for Ultraman to fight, until the young child had some incredibly convenient emotional realization etc which weakened Krullion to a point where he was easily destroyed.

4. Sealturos



Description: This is Sealturos from the planet Frostcicle. So basicly a turtle walrus XD

It's a simple man in suit design easily put on and of.

5. King Jack-Tri

King Jack-Tri

King Jack-Tri

Description: This my submission for kaijusamurai: Ultra Kaiju art contest, the idea being a "suitmation" type creature where a man can clearly fit into this thing somehow. I thought this was alot fun and look forward to further art contest like this, heres hoping i win somethin and hop everyone enjoys. - from the creator in pictures description.

6. Neodon



Description: Neodon is a design (and name, even) I came up with many years ago while doodling, but I've never really done anything with him since said creation. But I thought he'd make a good contestant for this contest, so here he is. - Author

7. Amphisberith

Contest amphisberith


Description: Bizarre Twin-Creature Amphisberith

  • Height: 70 meters
  • Length: 60 meters
  • Mass: 32,000 Metric Tons

Bio: How and when this strange monster was first sighted isn't exactly clear. However, no other Kaiju up to this day seems to have raised scientific curiosity and speculation equally fast. All kinds of theories where formed within a very short amount of time - excessive nuclear radiation, natural mutation or two Kaijus either fusing or somehow being born as siamese twins where only a few of the speculation regarding the origin of this beast.

Scientific research has proven close to all of these theories wrong. However, it did not really provide any answers beyond that...

It remains unknown what kind of purpose this should serve (if any), but the facts are that the creature possesses only one heart, one brain and one lunge - all of these vital organs being located inside the main body between the legs (the part which would have been a tail, if the two bodies were not connected). Close observation also reveals that both bodies move perfectly in unison, never hindering each other even once, which delivers further proof that this is actually one creature to begin with, as opposed to two kaijus fused together.

Additionally, since the whole body-structure seems to function way too perfect to be an erratic mutation, an origin from outer space seems one of the few plausible theories, but cannot be fully verified.

Since the single brain coordinates both halfs of it's body in such remarkable manner, it's likely to be extremely powerfull. Especially in battle, each halfs show the reaction and strenght of a full grown kaiju. Both halfs together seem to have no problem taking on several opponents at once.


  • both heads are blind, but there are 4 eyes in total, located on each left arm and right leg
  • virtually the strenght of 2 Kaijus
  • a single, hyper-intelligent brain that synchronizes both bodies
  • each of the two bodies posses a stomach to digest whatever either head swallows
  • claws, spikes and fangs consist of a metal-like structure, comparable to titanium
  • relatively weak skin and therefore not completely immune to conventional weaponry, but makes up with a very high regeneration rate
  • limited telekinetic abilities (that is, he can levitate rocks and smaller buildings)

8. Maninsuit



Description: Because everything else was done to death in this series: MANINSUIT

Height: 49 meters Weight: 70,000 tons

Powers: None, just a brawler.

History: After the Ultramen defeated every possible monster on earth, they had to fight MANINSUIT. He was defeated quite easily.

9. Batkis



Description: Here is my monster design for the ultraman kaiju contest. The underground monster known as Batkis.

10. Kor



Part 1 Description: entry for Kaiju Samurai's Man In suit contest

Kor suit

KOR! 2

Part 2 Description: part two of my entry to the Man in Suit contest

11. Hedger



Description: Hedger is a genetically engineered monster created to destroy any monster that is a threat. Height: 276 feet on all fours, 355 feet standing Length: 598 feet Special Abilities: Radioactive ray, spine roll

In the left corner is a diagram of how a human would control the suit. The head is controlled by wireless animatronics. both the hands are feet are "platformed gloves and shoes" making it harder to stand up, but gives the costume a more animal-like form.

12. Goru-Takka


Goru-Takka gets my vote.

Description: “Goru-Takka - Destroyer of Potential”

MONSTER: Goru-Takka

HEIGHT: 45 meters

WEIGHT: 70,000 tons

TYPE: Alien


-Vaporizer Beam (fired from large eyes) -Orbs on arms can produce a barrier shield that can block most attacks -Orb on back can repair any damage caused to Goru-Takka’s body

Some have called him a “harbinger of death”, but he does not kill for the sake of killing. Goru-Takka personally refers to himself as a hero, albeit a morbid one. He would travel across galaxies seeking out life-bearing worlds, and if he saw fit, he would extinguish its inhabitants. He feared what some creatures could become, that greed would grow to immeasurable heights, and would lead to the downfall of existence. But it was not his right to judge them, and he was imprisoned for his crime.

The last planet to suffer his judgment before his imprisonment turned out a bit differently from the other worlds he had destroyed, in that it gave birth to new life, whereas his previous targets had become infertile, never to sustain life again - all part of his master plan. He figured that it was good that new life had been brought to this planet, that the world was cleansed of its greed.

But he began to hear of it’s the wars its people had, and the weapons they were capable of producing. His purpose was to oppress greed, and he realized he had failed with this planet. He vowed he would escape his prison and make sure that no life form would ever emerge from it again.

Finally, more than 67-million years of waiting for the taste of revenge, he had relieved himself of his imprisonment, and he began his journey to Earth…

Ultragirl Prisma is said to be a prodigy of the Land of Light. Despite her status as an “Ultra Rookie”, she was at the top of her class. The only thing that is more vivid than her bright colors is her determination to protect the good of all that exists from evil’s grasp. If not for the legacy of iconic heroism the greatest of Ultras left behind, she would not be who she is. But among her great achievements and her strong beliefs, she wonders if she herself could ever become an inspiration to anyone. Her final test was to begin on Earth, a place where most of her inspirations had been immortalized in history.

Leanne Nix was not what you’d call social, and her education wasn’t in great shape either. She didn’t hate people, though, but she couldn’t bring herself to make any lasting connections to anyone. In the long run, Leanne didn’t really know what to do with herself, but whatever the grand scheme held for her, she hoped it would make a positive impact.

To think things over, Leanne would go on walks in the woods near her home in suburbia. One day, she stumbled across a shining silver necklace with a brightly-colored brooch on it; the brooch also seemed to be a locket. Her intent was to keep it safe for whomever it belonged to, but once she picked it up, she could feel a presence within it. Leanne decided to take it into her custody and keep it safe for the time being.

A few days after finding the object, Goru-Takka appeared on Earth. His time of revenge was NOW. With the swipe of his hand, a building would be reduced to rubble, and hundreds of lives were taken. The army and air force was sent in to hold him off, but Goru-Takka was infuriated to know Earth’s people were so hostile. He had a barrier shield, but the artillery fire were like pebbles being tossed at him. He fired is powerful Vaporizer Beam and wiped out everything it struck. The self-defense forces, seeing no progress (aside from angering the invader) called for a retreat. It seemed nothing was going to stop him.

Leanne was watching with sadness of Goru-Takka’s rampage. She felt powerless to stop what unfolded before her, but she could not just stand by and watch this massacre unfold before her. Suddenly, she felt a voice call to her - the brooch was glowing. It told her that it came from the Land of Light, and that together, they could stop Goru-Takka. Leanne put the necklace around her neck, and opened the brooch.

In a bright flash of light, Leanne had transformed into Ultragirl Prisma!

Goru-Takka was quite surprised to see an equal-sized being before him on this world, but he would not back down without a fight. He lashed out at her, but Ultragirl Prisma was much too agile for the massive beast. She began using her martial art skills to attack the monster. Deploying his barrier, he repelled Prisma. The barrier had a bit of range, keeping her quite a ways a way from him. Prisma knew she was to up the ante - she drew her arm back and launched her Infrared-light Shurikens and hurled them at the beast. Easily breaking through his shield, Goru-Takka screeched as the blades of light struck him. There was severe damage to his body, but it quickly healed, and his barrier still existed.

Goru-Takka fired his Vaporizer beam, striking Prisma. She was able to withstand the blast, but it took its toll, and her Color Timer began flashing. One more hit like that, and it’s over, she thought. Prisma then noticed that the orbs on Goru-Takka’s arms were what regulated his protective shield. By throwing several of her Shurikens, they struck the orbs. They shattered like glass, and Goru-Takka’s shield was destroyed. But the larger orb on his back began to glow, and the orbs were starting to repair themselves! This time, Prisma used her White Light Laser to slice through the larger orb. Goru-Takka was completely vulnerable. Prisma crossed her arms in an “X” shape, the colored patches on the backs of her hands glowed brightly. Prisma fired her Spectra Beams, destroying Goru-Takka, vanquishing the monster forever. Ultragirl Prisma stood victoriously, and with a flash of light, transformed back into her human ally, awaiting the day to come to Earth’s rescue once more.

Since that day, Leanne looked up to Prisma, seeing the great success the Ultra had accomplished over time. In turn, Leanne learned she was capable of much more that what she believed, and that she would stand by Prisma till the end.

The rest is for another time.

13. Yargthul



Description: Yargathul (yar-gah-thule) Height: 50 meters Weight: 30,000 tons

Powers & Abilities Carapace - Yargthul's shell is super-thick and adds to the protection of it's vital organs Large Tentacles - Are used to pull prey in close Small Tentacles - Are used up close to drain enemy targets of their energy Multiple Eyes - Allows for a full view of the Yargthul's surroundings Electrical Shock - The blue nodes on the main carapace allow Yargthul to send out bolts electricity; stunning, killing or maiming enemy targets.

Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities Multiple Eyes - The eyes on this kaiju are easily accessible to enemies. Cumbersome - Yargthul moves very slowly.

Origin Yargthul was ripped from another dimension via an experiment gone awry.

14. Molliskada




  • Name: Molliskada
  • Height:30 meters at top of shell. 50 meters with tentacles extended fully
  • Weight: 45,000 tons


  • Electric beams fired from orbs at the end of tentacles. Takes a while to charge. dead give away when charging is the orbs on its main head/body glow in order from frontal most backwards. Once they are all glowing he can fire a blast from each tentacle but then has to charge all over again.
  • Can clamp shell shut
  • The shell can close shut with enormous strenght, just like a normal mollusk

Backstory: One summer a large amount of whales began to be washed up on shore charred and partially melted. The science patrol was called an began to investigate. Not long after Molliskada was discovered to be the culprit. They tried to kill/capture the leviathan but failed and on cue ultraman appeared to save the day. After a grueling battle with Molliskada bashing ultraman with his tentacles and clamping his shell shut to hide ultraman was able to grab a hold of a tentacle and shoved it in Molliskada's shell before he clamped it shut. Molliskada shrieked in pain like a child who bit his tongue and while the beast was distracted ultraman shot a blast at Molliskadas central orb and caused the creature to explode.!!!!

Suit working/entering: if you look at the little picture at the right you can see a little stick man with variouse straps and loops. To break it down simply the actor wips on the lower half of the kaiju on. The lower half goes on like overalls with two straps that go over the shoulders. The legs have four straps inside two for the feet and two for the legs. After the bottom half is on the actor puts on the upper half that fits extremely snuggly by the waist. It also has a waist strap (belt) that fits together with the overall straps (forgot to put that on the diagram) There is a handle in each tentacle so the actor can maneuver the arms. The arms are rigid enough at the base to stay up without the actors arms so he is still able to pull the shell shut. Theres a board on the inside of the head that the actor can pull in so when he shuts the shell the head wont be squashed......due to its clunkyness and size the actor often moves slow and thus Molliskada is a slow monster.

15. Dragonax



Description: Ancient Insect Lord DRAGONAX

Height: 75 meters Mass: 80,000 metric tons

BIO: 150 million years ago, a space ship being piloted by a race of unknown aliens entered Earth's orbit and landed on what is today Japan. They somehow managed to create a new species of insect using advanced technological means. The insect started off as a small larva with four legs. They created a small group and studied them. The aliens noted that they grew large very quickly. A short time after, three of the insects escaped and were missing....until a few months later. A swarm of insects invaded the alien ship. The insects resembled the ones that the aliens had created, only the were much larger and and had grown wings. After the insects had destroyed the ship and killed all but a couple aliens, they flew back to a large cave with the aliens in toe. There in the cave slept a large beetle-like monstrosity who's eyes opened to reveal a bloody-red glow. The aliens had reveled in what they had created until the monster deoured them. The monster burst from the side of a mountain and began to annihilate everything and anything that was unfortunate enough to step in its way. Months had passed and there was no intervention to this beast...until Mothra was born. Mothra first fought Dragonax as a larva but to no avail. Mothra fled into the forest. She cocooned herself under a large tree, and a few days later emerged in her imago form. She flew at incredible speeds and met the bug head on and bombarded it with ray after ray of energy. Dragonax had known he was beat and burrowed several miles into the Earth's crust. Dragonax was not seen again... that is until that fateful day struck in 1995. Dragonax rose up from the streets of Tokyo and began to terrorize this new Earth which it had surfaced upon. Luckily for the humans, there was another hero that would stand up against Dragonax and save Earth from his tyranny once again, that hero is ULTRAMAN! Dragonax and Ultraman fought a pitched battle for several days. Dragonax was indeed a worthy foe, Ultraman's life indicator on his chest was blinking red, but he had a plan. He grabbed Dragonax and flew until they were in the stratosphere. Ultraman then dropped Dragonax and beamed him down to Earth with his specium ray. The beam shot him down to earth at incredible speeds until he crashed down in Fukushima, entombing him deep within the Earth once again. Ultraman uttered his victory call, and flew back into space to recharge his energy. Ultraman was the victor, but Dragonax knew how to wait, and he would one day strike again...when the time was right.

Abilities/Aspects: -Can survive for millions of years -Excellent burrower -Commands hordes of his insect children -Compound eyes allow him to see in multiple directions at once (great for battle) -Heavily armored skin -Able to fly (although slowly due to his mass) -Spits fireballs from mouth.

16. Marunga


Marunga (Formerly called Moa)

Description: Marugna A creature born of an alien parasite that came to earth on a meteor. It mutated a swamp rodent(possible a water shrew, its unknown) into a massive creature that began to attack and devour human beings. Ultraman of course intervened, and after a brief fight, destroyed Marunga and the parasites that were in its body to prevent any more new monsters on earth.

Now I never really was a Ultraman fan. I can't say much more on the creature other then I went for something erie, yet slightly goofy looking at the same time. I think I did pretty good... But compared to all the other crazy designs that have been done officially and unofficially, it probably isn't much. But oh well. I'm one for a humble design.

Enjoy. Hope I got an honorable mention.

EDIT: the name Gogomoa is claimed by the MH monster, which I kinda forgot about while naming it, so I renamed it Marugna. Sounds bizarre enough.- Author

17. Gromzulatus



Description: (1) The Full Body is all colors. I choose navy blue for the skin color, with standard blue for the alternative color, and green for the eyes.

(2) The tentacle arms with spears are supported by strings. They can also be extended via CGI and longer physical ones when they wrap around a Ultra (or another Ultra Monster).

(3) the suit basic layout: Blue- the suit itself Red- the suitmation actor Green-the special levers and other stuff.

The back of the suit has a special cushion designed to protect the suit actor when being flip on their back. Also, the actor can move the base of Gromzulatus's arms to change their direction (the puppeteer of the tentacles can do the same). The actor's head is the "eye" hump on the back., where he can be seen.

(4) The mouth can be open by pressing down on a lever tied to two strong bamboo sticks. Once the lever is released, the mouth will close.

(5) show the bamboo sticks and the lever without the mouth outline, while (6) features the whole contraption seen from above.

As for abilities, I decided to give Gromzulatus the ability to spit a toxic green smog from his mouth (7) and fire a powerful red laser from the "eye" hump (8).. Pretty low-tech, but it works. The actor in the suit uses a special gas pump to spew the green smoke, which is then enhanced by CGI. The Energy Beam is made from rotoscoping.

I didn't draw this, but to remove the costume: (1) The suit needs to be put on it's back (2) special straps in the shoot is loosen from the inside and outside, and the top part of the suit is taken off (3) the actor can then move out the suit with help.

It is made of light-weight foam latex, reducing the weight on the suitmation actor.

Now, a brief bio on the character:

After a year without a Ultra coming to the rescue, the world enters a time of peace. However, this is shattered as a giant meteor slams into the ground. As EARTH-ZERO heads to study the space rock, it hatches like a egg, and the kaiju Gromzulatus emerges. But, unaware to the scientific task force, a new hero is on his way to help mankind.

Basic Stats: Height: 55 meters Length: 50 meters (70 when tentacles are fully extended) Weight: 30,000 tons

Powers: Toxic smoke from mouth Powerful Red Laser from back, is as strong to a Ultra's Specium attack. Can extended tentacle out a twenty times their normal length

Weaknesses: Very slow -can't see things in front of it (has to turn it's head to see you with it's six eyes)

Personality: Destructive, and evil, will kill people for annoying him

Enemies: All Ultras Earth-Zero Rei's Gomora from Ultra Kaiju Galaxy.

18. The Eurypterid Queen

The eurypterid queen

The Eurypterid Queen

Description: The Eurypterid Queen

Height: 55 Meters

Weight: 20,000 tons

Bio: Scientists have known about the massive prehistoric sea scorpions known as “Eurypterids” for ages. However, the existence of a “hive mind” amongst the beasts – a mind headed by the gigantic Eurypterid Queen – was totally unknown until the late sixties. The true origins of the queen remain unknown.

As far as scientists know, the low levels of food available during the Permian extinction drove the Eurypterid Queen into a state of hibernation. It buried itself in the mud beneath the seafloor, and fell into torpor. 248 million years later, a deep-sea dredging operation disturbed the beast, and brought it back to the surface.

The monster attacked fishing ships at first, devouring the crew and cargo with ease. At the same time, hundreds of Eurypterids were found in the Sea of Japan. Moving onto land, it attacked a small town, only to be faced by the new rulers of the planet: the descendants of the Therapsids, the mammals known as humans, and their technological might. The tiny machines were brushed aside with ease, but before it could kill anyone else, the beast was challenged by Earth’s newest and greatest defender…

Powers: Powerful armored shell, swift swimmer and burrower, a poisonous stinger, massive claws, can spawn and command incredible numbers of Eurypterids, spews a sticky mass from its mouthparts that can hinder a target’s movements.

19. Daikeris


Daikeris. Fun Fact: The author apparently had another monster before this called Daikeris, memory fail as he said.

Description: As seen in the top right hand corner, Daikeris' head would be controlled by a remote operator, allowing for the actor/actress free use of his/her arms, and the 'skull', if you will, would be attached to a frame that would support itself on the actor/actress' shoulders, as you can see in the top left hand corner, highlighted in blue.

The actor/actress would enter the suit from behind, and a strip of rubber would cover the entry way, as shown in the sketch of the back.

The left claw would close when the actor/actress would pull on a handle trigger, and open back up when said grip was released. The right tentacle/tendril would be free moving and the tail would get support from the guys who work the strings of course.

On to origins I guess...

After Ultraman Mebius' leaving, the Earth enjoyed another period of peace that lasted for many, many years; however, all times of peace sooner or later end up giving way. Daikeris arrived on Earth undetected during a meteor shower and quickly went underground as to avoid the new anti-monster team, CORE (Counter Offensive Response tEam). For days it went undetected as it picked off hikers, campers, and and miners alike.

It wasn't until a volcanic eruption drove the beast above ground in broad daylight was it found out. CORE quickly mobilized and intercepted the monster before it could return underground. Daikeris shrugged off the attack as though it were a mere standard military offensive, and began firing on the anti-monster team, managing to knock one fighter out of the sky before managing to retreat back beneath the Earth's surface.

Daikeris would later reemerge in Nagoya and wreaked havoc on the city: toppling the skyline, and ensaring hordes of fleeing civilians in its grasp before tossing them into its mouth. CORE soon arrived on scene, but for all intents and purposes, it was turning into a repeat of the last battle... sans for the arrival of a new Ultra warrior.

Stats and whatnot- Height: 50 meters Mass: 25,000 tons Burrowing speed: Moderate

Powers and such- Fireballs: Daikeris can shoot a rapid volley of fireballs from its mouth. Electric Conductor: Daikeris can discharge a high voltage of electricity from its tail into an opponent.

20. Zeresk



Description: Alright, this is my attempt at an entry for kaijusamurai's new contest. I don't know very much about Ultraman at all, and wasn't going to enter because of that, but I had this idea for a costume lurking about in my head with the rest of my horrifyingly strange ideas.

So I figured "why the hell not."

I figure the tentacle arms would move however Iris' arms moved. String or whatever. The zipper would be in that line along the side. The sides of the inside of the mouth would have a grip in them, so the guy could hold on and operate it.

It was a toss up on whether or not the green bits should glow, but you know me. Along with my love of spikes, I have a love of bio-luminescence.

This was actually one of the things I tossed around for my Halloween costume, but it was a bit too involved and I like being able to pick things up.

I am also woefully stupid about how suits work, so I can only go on the fact that I think this would actually work.


Which monster did you like?

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