I just wanted to give my opinions on these. Also, most of these stories were never actually finished, which is sad.

Ultrawoman Corona by Kendell

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Story: I find the story to be pretty good and the characters to be interesting. The concept of a female ultra taking center stage for once is not something you see very often, even on this wiki. This story also came up with the idea of humans and aliens turning becoming monsters before Spark Dolls were a thing. Kira/Corona is an enjoyable protagonist who constantly plans different things to surprise her enemies. Alpha Seijin is a egotistical alien with somewhat sadistic personality and is similar to Alien Empera. Kira's friends all have different attributes that make them unique weather it's Garet's short sightedness and large amount of monster knowledge, Yuki's silliness, or Eiji's overly serious personality. Alpha Seijin's gang is also enjoyable as they're each a different brand of evil. Most of the monster merge subjects are your standard criminals with the ones most sticking out to me being Hiraku/Zetton and the twins Jake/Vakishim and Jack/Doragory. The minor villains like Dr. Goro and the cult are also intriguing. The single stories are pretty cool as well, favorites being "Formation of the Neo Ultra Garrison" and "Instinctive Rivals".


This one shall be divided up into two sections, New Monsters and Old Monsters.

New Monsters: The new monsters and aliens that have been created for this series are all pretty cool. Each are unique in their respect and inspirations. Good new monsters overall.

Favorite New Monsters: Mineral Super-Beast Diadoras and Music Alien Pan Seijin

Old Monsters: The use of old monsters is great, a lot of them are obscure monsters that many people have wanted to see return. Kendell uses monsters like Jirass (With an important role I might add), Pesstar, Gazort (he also has an important role with that cult), and Astromons. He also use some popular monsters that constantly return in modern series like Red King and Zetton. All the monsters are great.

Favorite Old Monsters: Jirass, Gazort, Astromons, Arstron, and Alien Paradai.

Rating: 7/10, I really do wish this series had been completed.

Zone Fighter by DaikaijuLegneds

Season 1

Story: Fairly solid and has good characters. It's your standard villain sending monsters to takeover/ destroy Earth because he's lazy, but does add some variety. Zone Fighter himself is pretty cool, the METEOR guy is also interesting, not much to say about the Ship Guy. The Alien Bat is like Yapool, but not as pure evil. The monsters of the week are all pretty entertaining, especially Gomora.

Old Monsters: All the old monsters are awesome. The fights with them are fast paced and epic with a few hilarious moments like Gomora looking around and pushing Salamandora when he's not looking to fight Zone Fighter, or when Zone sometimes punches a monster and makes them go flying. I've seen it was supposed to have some different monsters or more like Gomess, Arstron, and Grand King.

Favorite Old Monsters: Tyrant, Gubila, Salamandora, Gabora, and Gomora

New Monsters: In Zone Fighter there aren't really any new kaiju, instead there's Ultraminium kaiju. Ultraminium is a power supposedly held in all Ultras, but can be utilized by others. Alien Bat uses Ultraminium to power up various monsters and eventually himself into tough Ultra-beating machines.

Favorite "New" Monsters: Ultimate Doragory and Ultimate Eleking.

Rating: 6/10, pretty cool series, has 10 episodes so far and a second season coming with monsters like Demaaga, Galactron, Maga-Orrochi, and U-Killersaurus. I also saw what seems to either be inspired by or is a ripoff called Mirrorman.

Season 2

Season 2 is obviously the sequel to the first one. This time around, Zone Fighter has come back to Earth looking the Ultraminium Orbs which had been eight powerful objects created by Zone Fighter's original home, Planet Peaceland. The planet had been destroyed by Alien Reiblood when they didn't give the items up. The orbs flew throughout the universe landing on many uncharted planets, and Reiblood had been reduced to his spirit form. Now another Ultraminium Orb has crashed upon Earth, attracting various monsters and aliens including the Cult Of Reiblood. There's more characters to the attack team now called the Monster Prevention, and the story is a bit more interesting. The monster selection despite it featuring some tough kaiju like Maga-Orrochi, Zetton, and Galactron, but it all feels right unlike X or Orb.

Ike! Prisman by Mao Wu Kong

Story: Kind of simple, but gets more interesting as you go. The first arc, Monster Printing Phase One was to set up what was to come. The second, Attack of the Invaders was pretty cool, and so far the third arc, Monster Printing Phase Two has been great. Prisman is good main character that doesn't go too out there. Shugaron is kind of a sacastic friend who tries to bring humor to the situation, even when it's not fully welcomed. The other ultras and heroes who appear every so often are just there to help, and give Prisman some advice. Grandos, Spygar, and Khan are all pretty great and funny. The Invaders were enjoyable. Other aliens like Donalus, Pega, and Borg were funny, while the Acherons were cool. Looking forward to future episodes.

Old Monsters: Like Corona, all the monsters are used greatly. Most of them are created via a 3D Kaiju Printer used by Grandos and allies, though some are brought in by Grandos's temporary alliances like the Invaders, Black Mist, and most likely Gottes.

Favorite Old Monsters: Shugaron, Kitty Fire, King Zaiger, Gorbagos, Monsarger, Alien Pega, and Alien Borg.

New Monsters: So far there's not that many as the series mainly focuses on bringing in obscure kaiju. There's been Grandos and Spygar who are pretty funny and too be the so-called Buzzsaurus which I hope is Gronken.

Favorite New Monsters: Grandos and Spygar

Rating: 6/10, Pretty cool series with a lot of comedic moments.

Ultraman Neo Mebius By Akreious

Story: This is probably one of the only series on this wiki that could be described as truly crazy. The series' plot is somewhat convoluted, but interesting once you figure things out. It has the titular Ultraman Neo Mebius going off to find the now missing Ultra Brothers, but getting sucked into a universe via random wormhole. In this new universe, an unknown evil force has revived various major villains including the likes of Alien Empera, Dark Zagi, Dark Lugiel, Gatanozoa, and Alien Reiblood. There's also other monsters and evils that live in the new universe like the Norizclave and Galactron. The story obviously has a TON of thought put into it, and it's GOOD!

Old Monsters: Like the rest of his things, the use of old monsters is pretty cool. The 5-6 Lords Of Darkness seem important and are pretty cool, though I do feel sorry Dark Lugiel when he got curb stomped by Dark Zagi like Ultraman Nerf to a Zetton. The other monsters don't feel to majorly important in a major sense, but still have a lot of thought put into them. The first two monsters to appear in the series is Zetton and Gomora with Gomora being the first monster that NM fights.

Favorite Old Monster: Alien Reiblood, Armored Darkness, Gomora, and Galactron

New Monsters: In the series, the new monsters are usually big threats if not handled properly. The Norizclave hunts humans for the pure sadistic joy of it and the Seismic Leviathans take several dozens of ultras to take down. They're all pretty cool and interesting.

Favorite New Monsters: Norizclave and Seismic Leviathans

Rating: 7.6/10, A series with a complicated plot that'll be pretty interesting to see what comes next.

Ultraman Kee by Ultramccn/ GLOMB/ KingEvilWaffle/ whatever else

Story: The story of Ultraman Kee is quite simple, the main character, Ultraman Kee returns to his home world after being gone for a while, but finds it being ruled by a beast known as Astro King Ghidorah. Kee manages to beat AKG's minion Vakishim which causes them to leave the world; however, with them the villains have taken Kee's family and friends, causing the ultra to take chase. I'll be honest, the first few episodes (Ep. 1-3) were okay, not the best, but they had charm. Going into the ones after that, they became kind of bad. The focus was taken off of Kee trying to save his people into him, Geed, Kore, and Belial doing random things and monsters and villains just really coming out of nowhere. The decent story became cringy and not very focused on anything really. I accept the movie that was made as the end of the series, though it was somewhat anti climatic. GLOMB, if you're reading this, I'm not trying to bully or kick you, I'm just trying to review this in the hope that you may get better at least. What I would recommend is to lessen the cartoon style fighting, have a more focused story, and take criticism.

Old Monsters: There's not a large amount of old monsters, but I'll give my opinion anyway. The use of old monsters was okay and could probably be inter changed with other ones.

Favorite Old Monsters: Vakishim, Strong Gomorant, and Gan-Q

New Monsters: There's a lot of new monsters and enemies in the series. A lot of them were interesting and had some imagination put into them, not being easy rip-offs of other things.

Favorite New Monsters: Captain Navy, Alti-Detton, Chained Aboras, and Zom-Naga

Rating: 1.5/10, A series that has some charm, but could've been better and became worse at things went on.