• Emgaltan

    Monster Variation Contest

    January 23, 2018 by Emgaltan

    The third contest of mine has come to fruition. In this contest, you must create a new variation for an existing monster or alien. Whether they're canon or fan-made is fine, but you must make a new version/ variation of said monster/ alien that must be a decent amount different.

    • The variation must be of a monster/ alien that currently exists right here right now, any new free-to-use monsters/ alien or fan kaiju/ seijin made after today are not allowed.
    • The variation can not look like a completely different/new monster/alien , it can be based on or have similarities to another monster/ alien, but it can not be stated to be one and still look like another.
    • The variation can be something as simple as a recolor and some new details or an EX, bu…

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  • Emgaltan

    Collab Ultra Series Idea

    December 26, 2017 by Emgaltan

    I had the idea for a collab ultra series. It would be 15 - 30 episodes long with different users involved writing different episodes at time. Any of fan ultras (examples, Renius, Blizzard, Redux etc.) of the users involved could appear in the series similar to Mebius and some of their top favorite monsters (examples, mine is King Joe, Furno's favorite monster is Maga-Orrochi, Kit's could be considered something like Demaaga or Alien Gapiya, etc.) could appear as two-parter monsters that challenge the main ultra. I'm open for users who want to join me for this.

    • Emgaltan
    • KitsuneSoldier
    • Flurrthegamermixel
    • Crockinator
    • Cdrzillafanon/ Cdr Raids Again/ RdcTohoKingdom/ Whateveritisthistime

    • Ultraman TBA


    • Ultraman Renius


    • Ultraman Astro

    • Birdon
    • Bazob
    • Kuw…

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  • Emgaltan

    Idea: Render Gallery

    December 19, 2017 by Emgaltan

    I had the idea to make a page with renders of various monsters from the ultra series and others if possible for people making pages to use. I would like to know if I could make it. The pages basic set up would be a description of what it's about and then a gallery below it. I plan to take renders already on the main wiki and put them in there since they seem free reign. For other renders made by users on here and not put on the main one, you guys could add renders to the gallery if you want too.

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  • Emgaltan

    Stage Story Contest

    November 5, 2017 by Emgaltan

    Here's another contest I thought of. This one is called Stage Story. In this one, you must write a story loosely based on a stage show. It doesn't have to be completely like it providing absolutely everything, just be close enough to the original video. You can take creative liberties with the story such as maybe adding a monster or alien or ultra, just don't make an overly large amount of liberties.

    • Write the story at least kind of close to the original.
    • The story maybe written like a summary or an actual story.
    • You may take creative liberties, just not great amount.
    • You must link said stage show on the page or comment section.

    • Furnozilla
    • Cdr Raids Again
    • UltraGrenburr

    • Furnozilla: Ultraman Blizzard Side Story: Darkness Crew
    • Cdr Raids Again: Dropped…

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  • Emgaltan

    UBA Appearance List

    October 20, 2017 by Emgaltan

    This just a blog for things and characters that are going to appear in Ultras' Bizarre Adventure. Also I'm not going to link the pages because that would be to much work right now.

    • Ultraman Legacy
    • Ultraman Tiga
    • Ultraman Redux
    • Ultraman Renius
    • Ultraman Blizzard
    • Ultraman Dyna
    • Ultraman Gaia
    • Prisman (Kind of)
    • Ultraman Sect
    • Ultraman Flame
    • Ultraman Nerf
    • Ultraman Average
    • Shining Shining Zero
    • Ultraman Neo Xenon
    • Ultraman Shining Neo Saga
    • Ultraman Universe
    • Ultraman Spectros
    • Ultraman Zero Atler
    • Ultraman Fedora
    • Ultraman Kore
    • Ultrasaur
    • Ultraman Card
    • Ultrawoman Hikari
    • Ultraman Prime
    • Chimera Of 4
    • WOAH King
    • Ultraman Dao (most likely)
    • Ultimate Space Godzilla
    • Ultraman OPius
    • Godzilla
    • Gigan
    • Lil' Greeza
    • Various Capsule monsters
    • Bullmark Eleking
    • Malicious Bullmark Eleking (most likely)
    • Whow
    • Mutekis …

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