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  • Emgaltan

    My now new contest after Choju Origins and Yugo/ Seed roster things. The premise of this is easy to understand. Choose one of the locations on the list below, and write a story of some kind with the final battle taking place at that location. I'll accept stories that are tokusatsu, super sentai, giant robots, and the inbetween, the only prime required thing is just that the final battle of the story must take place at your chosen location.

    • The final battle MUST take place at your chosen battle location. Entries that do not do this will be very low.
    • You must tell me what location you choose for the battle setting. Information on what characters are appearing is appreciated.
    • The story must have a final fight of some kind, it doesn't need to hav…

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  • Emgaltan

    Everyone else has done one, so why shouldn't I?  How many ways can you annoy me?  I don't know.

    1. Thwart Derailed Galtan's Plans
    2. GLOMB
    3. Idiots or people purposefully trying to be annoying (God dang Sockpuppet guy and GaiTheGuy)
    4. When I ask a who would win question and someone responds with something that isn't a competitor or with another question.
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  • Emgaltan

    This is a blog for the what will most likely the finale and end of the Ultra Lineage timeline.

    In Ultra Lineage's version of Earth, Yoshiya and SOTH begin to pursue what is seemingly a cult who seek to revive Ultraman Ancient to stop end of days. Meanwhile, gray versions of beings appear in Tokyo causing Pup and Arsenal to get into action to fight them off. On an island in the Atlantic Ocean, the US and European branches of SOTH gather to discuss the future of humanity, but a gray monster appears interrupting it and Stream and European member fight it. As all of the stories climax, everything comes to a sudden stop when everyone except for the heroes become statues. They all contact each other to find out what is going on, and how everythin…

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  • Emgaltan

    Now we're to this contest. On the last poll you guys voted this in second place with Choju Origins (which appears to have died) in the first place. In this one the goal is pretty simple, make me a 25 - 30 episode roster for a theoretical series that could exist. I may use the winner's roster for a series if they give me permission to or let me.

    • Make a roster like what you might see from fan series like Yugo and Seed. Include a mix of average and slightly obscure monsters.
    • There should be some kind of gimmick beasts, for canon examples look at things like King Demon Beasts or Belial Fusion Beasts. For fan examples look at the Lord Darkness Beasts, Ultra Fusion Beasts, and my own Destruction Beasts. The gimmick beasts must either be new …

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  • Emgaltan

    I plan on making a UBA RPG that's probably going to suck. Let's dump some ideas. Here's the plans so far.

    The plots of Ultras' Bizarre Adventure 1 - 5.

    • Unknown Planet
    • Altiverse
    • Unknown Planet from before
    • Unknown Planet II
    • WOAHverse

    • 1. Beryudora
    • 2. Whow
    • 3. Alti-Ghido
    • 4. Super Gadrosaurus
    • 5. Dio (Round 1)
    • 6. Fedora Army and Arch Fedora
    • 7. Dio (Round 2)
    • 8. Chimera of 4

    • Sirvala
    • WOAHmera of 4

    • KFC
    • Outside of KFC

    • 1. Giron Man
    • 2. Ultraman Dao (Round 1)
    • 3. Ultraman Dao: Tiga Possession (Round 2)
    • 4. Anathema Zero
    • 5. Ultraman Dao (Round 3)

    • Abyssion The Forgotten One
    • Daoragory: A fusion of Dao and Doragory

    • The Altiverse
      • Altiversian Plains
      • Altiversian Jungle
      • Altiversian Ruins
      • CO4's Castle

    • 1. Dr. N. Trophy
    • 2. King Ghidorah
    • 3. Dingodile
    • 4. Ripper Roo
    • 5. Tiny Tiger
    • 6. Chimera of 4
    • 7. Malic…

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