• Emgaltan

    UBA Appearance List

    October 20, 2017 by Emgaltan

    This just a blog for things and characters that are going to appear in Ultras' Bizarre Adventure. Also I'm not going to link the pages because that would be to much work right now.

    • Ultraman Legacy
    • Ultraman Tiga
    • Ultraman Redux
    • Ultraman Renius
    • Ultraman Blizzard
    • Ultraman Dyna
    • Ultraman Gaia
    • Prisman (Kind of)
    • Ultraman Sect
    • Ultraman Flame
    • Ultraman Nerf
    • Ultraman Average
    • Shining Shining Zero
    • Ultraman Neo Xenon
    • Ultraman Shining Neo Saga
    • Ultraman Universe
    • Ultraman Spectros
    • Ultraman Zero Atler
    • Ultraman Fedora
    • Ultraman Kore
    • Ultrasaur
    • Ultraman Card
    • Ultrawoman Hikari
    • Ultraman Prime
    • Chimera Of 4
    • WOAH King
    • Ultraman Dao (most likely)
    • Ultimate Space Godzilla
    • Ultraman OPius
    • Godzilla
    • Gigan
    • Lil' Greeza
    • Various Capsule monsters
    • Bullmark Eleking
    • Malicious Bullmark Eleking (most likely)
    • Whow
    • Mutekis …

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  • Emgaltan

    Normal Monster Contest

    October 15, 2017 by Emgaltan

    So I had an idea for a contest of some kind. In this contest I ask you to create a normal monster or alien, not sure what I mean, I'll explain. When I say normal monster or alien, I mean a monster that could stand for a regular monster of the week. Think things like modern Red King, Zarab, and Zetton, they're tough not gonna lie about that, but they can't say destroy the entire planet if not beaten.

    I'll throw some fan-made examples and rules.

    • http://ultrafan.wikia.c…

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  • Emgaltan

    Unused or cool stuff

    October 15, 2017 by Emgaltan

    This is another blog where this time I just share some cool stuff I find.

    The first is that apparently there's an unused Mirrorman monster called Solomon King, which honestly sounds really cool. Someone do something with Solomon King.

    It's another one of Tsupro's series, Aztec Kaiser. I have to say, I thought Aztec Kaiser was much older and made in after Taro but before 80.…

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  • Emgaltan

    Stage Shows

    October 7, 2017 by Emgaltan

    I found a few stage shows which were filmed from beginning to end, to bad there ain't subtitles. Not all of them are of the best quality. If anyone finds stage shows that aren't here, link them in the comments. the first one is of an Orb stage show with Alien Hook, Bado, and Sadola.

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  • Emgaltan

    I find this cool.

    September 29, 2017 by Emgaltan

    Just saw this on King Joe's page and wanted to show it. The comments, tabs, and pictures on pages haven't been working for me lately for some reason.

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