Breaking news, guys! Here the peak for the second month of Ultraman Draco. Enjoy it :)! (Note: The photo was not in the correct position. The correct photos will added later)

Ultraman Draco

Blaze 5: Another Ultra! Training To Improve Kicking!

Ultrawoman Maid

Now, a grasshopper monster, Batokatta appears. Not only that, he is accompanied with the revived Gorgam and Sarabi. Draco is having a hard time battling those three. Unfortunately, a new Ultrawoman appears, but she instead attacking Draco, making Takato is greviously injured. On the other side, Shuji has already created an Internet Game, which everyone can play as any character in the internet. Takato tries this game to improve his kicking style. He enters the game as Ultraman Draco (which height already decreased), and he will battle against Armored Rider Ryugen (Shuji) and his goons is Kurokage Troopers. Can Takato master his kicking style to it’s max, before the monsters appear again? There is also Draco uses Dragon Duplication on himself and performs Dragon Kick.

Blaze 6: The Water To Save People

Ultraman Draco Aqua Burst

Takato then meets with Mayu, after a long time. Misaki who sees this, becomes very jealous, because they talk very long. Misaki then goes to Tokyo Tower to sees the environment. However, Batokatta breaks the Tokyo Tower, he then jumps really high and jumps down. Making anyone inside it will die in shock. Though all of the citizen in the tower already escorted, Misaki was left down. She also meets Yamagoshi and the mysterious man, which called Kaito Hasegawa. Despite she brings her gun, she was not match for Yamagoshi’s black darts. Even Kaito strangkles Misaki, when she is greviously injured. Both then leave Misaki (who has so many scars and her skin were bleeds), who is now lying on the ground motionlessly. Takato then changes into Draco. Can he defeat Batokatta, before Misaki is really die? Aqua Burst debuts in this episode. Also debuting the Aqua Burst’s theme, “Free As Aqua,” which sung by both Shu Watanabe and Erina Mano.

Blaze 7: The Secret Of Shuji

After Shuji dreamt about his late sister, he consulates to Takato. He tells that he comes from Motogawa Corp. and his grandfather and father were making an established path for him, so Shuji will inherit Motogawa Corp. Even though, Shuji is more like on creating something. He and Takato soon meets Shuji’s grandfather. Shuji also tells Takato not to let his grandfather knows that he is a PASM members, because Shuji is afraid if he will be scolded. Takato soon transform to Draco to fight Arigera. While Shuji wasn’t let to leave his grandfather. Since Misaki was tended in her home, until she was quite better, Draco can only fight Arigera alone. Wind Burst debuts in this episode, but Takato can’t stand the great sensitivity, making he soon collapsed.

Blaze 8: The Green Archery

Ultraman Draco Wind Burst

After Takato was tended by Yumi and Misaki (who is got more better), Takato meets his former teacher, Tetsuo Kawaguchi, to consulates about Shuji’s condition. After getting some advice, Takato rushes to Shuji. However, Arigera soon appears again, slowing Takato. On the other side, Shuji is still with his strict grandfather. After knowing that Draco was mercilessly beaten by Arigera, Shuji is on gamble to choose his grandfather or his best friend. Draco will then active Wind Burst, properly. Unfortunately, Ultrawoman Maid appears again. Can Draco beat the Ultrawoman this time? Also debuting the Wind Burst’s theme, “The Green Sniper,” which sung by both Shu Watanabe and Mahiro Takasugi.

Sorrowful Movie Battle

Well, let’s move to the movie part. Although not much know about Ginga’s part currently, one thing for sure is…………………………… Misuzu will……………………………………….. die…………..

Move to Draco’s part, Takato still lamenting about Mayu’s dead. Now, Kyrieloid uses Misaki as the Dark Dummy Spark’s user, due to Misaki has a dark heart, because she must be happy that her love rival already gone. Moreover, Drago (in his human form) also accidentally got Darklived, making Takato could only use Growing Burst. Takato will then enter Misaki’s mind. But, it was very hard to convince Misaki to get out from the darkness’ influence. Moreover, the Darklived monster is Gatanozoa in more humanoid form. This mean, Takato must surpass his father, if he wants to beat Gatanozoa.

On the Movie Battle’s part, all of Ginga and Draco’s main cast, Ultralived into some Ultras using Ginga Light Spark. Here the list:

  • Misaki: Mebius
  • Shuji: Gaia V2
  • Yumi: Dyna
  • Commander Tanaka: Zero
  • Kenta: Tiga
  • Chigusa: Nexus

With Hikaru as Ginga, Tomoya as Jean-nine and Takato as Draco, can they defeat Belial Lugiel from getting the greatest power in the universe.

Area Fill 80%

Ultraman Draco Shadowed Scans 2

As usual, we have an area fill 80%, just like Kamen Rider and Super Senta’s scans. Here they are:

First, in Ultraman Draco, we have a new form with a yellow stone, seem topaz in his head and also have two yellow stone in the Dragon Protectors. Also, what is the thing that is attached on Draco Wind Burst’s back. It says that then attachment of Draco is Drago’s Power level 2.

On the Sorrowful Movie Battle’s section, there is a black crystal Ginga and an unknown form of Draco with purple eyes. Why Ginga’s crystals shine black and Draco has a purple eyes?

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