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  • Eduardloei

    Breaking news, guys! Here the peak for the second month of Ultraman Draco. Enjoy it :)! (Note: The photo was not in the correct position. The correct photos will added later)

    Now, a grasshopper monster, Batokatta appears. Not only that, he is accompanied with the revived Gorgam and Sarabi. Draco is having a hard time battling those three. Unfortunately, a new Ultrawoman appears, but she instead attacking Draco, making Takato is greviously injured. On the other side, Shuji has already created an Internet Game, which everyone can play as any character in the internet. Takato tries this game to improve his kicking style. He enters the game as Ultraman Draco (which height already decreased), and he will battle against Armored Rider Ryugen (Shuj…

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