Alright everyone, this is take 2 of my storyline for our crossover.  Now, I will update (do part 2) tomorrow, because I need to get some sleep as of this writing, so please be patient.  Enjoy!

DucantheChoju (talk) 08:10, September 16, 2014 (UTC)

Part 1: Minus' rise to power

We already know about Minus' origins; they are explained on his page

Freedom and the Monster Army

Minus is trapped in a pocket dimension contained in a black hole, but is freed by a mysterious being of sentient evil energy, who gives both him a device allowing him to time travel (only once) and a power boost.  Minus heads for the Monster Graveyard, and revives thousands of Kaiju, but on the way he corrupt two powerful aliens into Super King Galtan and Super King Jackal.  He then uses the one-time only time travel ability to go back and undo the creation of the magniverses (it's not powerful enough to take him back to the conflict between the light and darkness at the beginning), thus merging all the universes into one.

Afterwards, Minus goes into hibernation until the present day, when he reawakens and finds Galtan, Jackal and his army on a planet in the heart of the Dark Nebula, where he then constructs his palace.

The Ultras

At Altara, not long after the arrival of Reuz, the young ultra heroes are going about their usual lives, ie: go on patrol, rest, get new assignments, flirt at Diana, get the living daylights scared out of them by Orion or Lunaram, run away in terror as said parent(s) laugh; lather, rinse, repeat.  Suddenly, just for a moment, every ultra in the universe senses a malevolent presence, watching them.  The presence then vanishes, but leaves everyone, even Orion and Lunaram, uneasy.  So Orion calls the Fan Ultras (the best and brightest of the space garrison) and gives them special assignments.  Giz gets the most dangerous job: the Dark Nebula.  But disobeying Orion is even more dangerous, so off he goes. 

Minus Revealed

Giz is patrolling, when Father Lugeno appears to him, telling him that there are other worlds, to remember who he is, and to stop a great evil named Minus.  When Giz does remember the alternate universes that should exist, he prepares to tell Zach.  However, he is attacked by Galtan, knocked out and left to drift in space.  In the meantime, Diana has left for a certain planet called Baltan, to settle a dispute between the two races of Baltan.  However, after one boring conference, the tired princess and the even more tired guards are ambushed by Jackal and several kaiju, who beat the guards (including head guard M) senseless and carry Diana off to Minus' palace.  When Giz comes to, he is in the Ultra Hospital, being treated for severe burns, heavy minus energy exposure and bad cuts.  Orion, Gamma and Sorta then come in and ask questions about what happened.  As soon as they get answers from him, a messenger arrives and tells Orion about Diana being kidnapped as M and the other guards get carryed in on stretchers.

Ultra powers, drained

At this point, the fan ultras (except for the injured Giz) recive a new assignment: find Diana, and then destroy whatever captured her.  After they leave, Orion finds Lunaram missing.  It is then seen that she went after the space garrison members to find Diana.  Orion then takes off after her, with Gamma and Sorta deciding to follow.  They leave Sol, Phoenix and Typhoon in charge until their return.  On the Dark Planet, Diana has been chained to one of three crystal crosses in the center of Minus' palace.  Suddenly, a loud explosion occurs that rocks the palace.  Outside, Lunaram is angrily tearing apart Minus' palace in order to find Diana, even throwing Galtan and Jackal into a nearby moon...until Minus appears.  He annoys her with his childish rhymes, then beats her with suprising speed and chains her to another cross.  The other ultras finish the monster army and try to free Lunaram and Diana...and they get beaten in moments. 

However, Orion appears and puts up the greatest fight against Minus, but even after Gamma and Sorta's appearance they are worn down and an exhausted Orion is chained to the final cross.  Minus then reveals that he plans to use the hidden powers of the royal three to revive Father of Darkness.  Fortunately, at that moment Draco, a mostly healed Giz and Chimera appeared, Draco and Chimera distracting Minus, and Giz freeing the others.  Before they could leave, a special beam hit them, and they felt a good deal of their powers vanish, leaving them able only to use basic ultra powers (certainly vexing to the royalty).  Minus held up a stack of playing cards.  Orion yelled "Let's get out of here!" and the ultras flew back to Altara.

Part 2: The Start of Society X


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