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"I am Ashlei. My jewel stone shall never be shattered and broke."

―Ashlei's catchphrase

Ultrawoman Ashlei (ウルトラウーマンアシュレイ Urutoraūman Ashurei?) is a female Ultra Warrior and the very first female main character of this series. The sister of Ultraman Hikari, she was given a mission to find a mystery disease that carries a very dangerous parasite, and it must be destroyed before its too late.


She is known as half "Kuudere", having no expression or whatsoever, even facing against a stronger opponent, unlike Hikari. She dislikes freaks person that tries to flirt her (Usually beating them after being forced by it). She also sometimes mocks her opponent for being too weak. Ironically, Ashlei is actually afraid with her brother, especially scolding her for her bad behavior.


Her appearance is identical to Hikari, only its body color is opposite. Her head appearance is also look similar to Hikari, except that her ears are pointed to upward side making it look like an Elf-like Ultra, her eyes are colored blue, and possess a solid hair-like similar to Nexus.

Her Human Form is a female with a long blonde hair, green eyes, and 20's years old woman. Her casual outfit is a white blazer (with a black sleeveless shirt in it), and short jeans.


She was given a task by Mother of Ultra to find an Alien named Nabazov, who thought to be the successor from Alien Empera and possesses a mystery virus that can evolve any monster being.

Before she's leaving, she had given a transformation device named Jewel Brace from her brother, which look identical to his, only it is opposite in color. Later on, she was escorted by Ultraman Zero to another universe, then, Zero told Ashlei to be careful before departing, leaving her alone.

Chapter 1: The Melody of Jewel



  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight:
    • 29,000 t
    • 32,000 t (With Armor)
  • Home World: Land of Light (Nebula M78 Universe)
  • Occupation: Singer, Ultra Warrior.
  • Affiliation:
    • Space Garrison
    • Ultraman Hikari (Older Brother)
    • Yulian (Pupil)
    • Ultraman Mebius
  • Transformation Item: Jewel Brace
  • Age: 6,500 years old
  • Time Limit: 3 Minutes
  • Weakness: Without the armor, Ashlei will be weaken and unable to fight if she got shot by any kind of energy bullets.
  • Race: Ultra
  • Human Host: Megami Hoseki (宝石 メガミ)


  • Normal
    • Jewel Arb Armor
  • Almandine (Strength Based)
  • Azurite (Ice Based)
  • Bloodstone (Infected Form)

Powers and Abilities

  • Internal and Physical Endurance
  • Martial Arts Skills
  • Via Jewel Brace
    • Jewel Knight Shoot (ジュエルナイトシュート Jueru Naito Shūto?)
    • Jewel Gem Blade (ジュエルジェムブレード Jueru Jemu Burēdo?)
  • Jewelium Burst (ジュエリウムバースト Jueriumu Bāsuto?)
  • Cold Road Shoot (コルドロードシュート Korudo Rōdo Shūto?)


Nabazov Chimera Beasts

  • Chiral Bogal
  • Rooter Waroga
  • Rooter Alien Magma
  • Rooter Antlar
  • Smasher Grand King
  • Smasher EX Red King
  • Evolute Verokron
  • Evolute Imperializer
  • Apex Tyrant
  • Deluge Yapool


  • Ziegenchone
  • Althanni


  • Gigantes


  1. Fateful Jewel Knight
  2. Chiral Reaction of Carnivore
  3. Idol Suporter
  4. The Rooter Monster
  5. Red Jewel

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