In anticipation of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, I have decided to host the "Scariest Monster Competition", inspired by our beloved chat moderator Clee26, and in response to Sentinel's blog regarding a Halloween celebratory event. Here's how it goes.

Submission Steps

  • 1. Draw your Kaiju: Conjure up your most creative, yet horrifying, monster, and put it into drawing form! Whether it is a fanged vampire with crimson blood dripping from its claws, or a generic bipedal monster simply equipped with a pumpkin for trick and treat, all submissions are welcome! (Unless you don't follow the rules, of which necessary actions will be taken to remove your post!)
  • 2. Upload your picture: Do exactly as the caption says, upload your picture in the comments below!
  • 3. Judging: Submissions are to be made by the 29th of October (time zones don't matter), and polling will be carried out on the 30th. Results will be released the following day, on Halloween itself!

Rules to follow

  • 1. Please refrain from drawing unnecessary art which include one or any of the following: Intense Gore (light gore is acceptable, though not in large doses), Sexual Imagery, Adult Themes like Violence, etc. ACCEPTABLE ART: Cute, child-friendly monsters that are mildly scary, etc. You get the drift.
  • 2. Flaming in the comments and criticising one's drawings with profanities will be dealt with severely. We encourage a friendly environment which everyone can participate in.
  • 3. Do not edit this post. Only admins are allowed to unless special circumstances pop up.
  • 4. Lastly, enjoy. That is all.


If you do not understand any of the above rules, do question out and ask! Enjoy drawing, and happy Halloween!

Gallery of Contesting Pictures


Please vote once, and only once, for your favourite drawing. Voting for your own picture is strictly prohibited. Refer to the gallery above for reference. Happy voting!

Vote for best and scariest monster drawing!

The poll was created at 16:03 on October 29, 2016, and so far 15 people voted.

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