• Crazybeard1234

    Practice ignorance. 

    Ignorance is bliss.

    The admins will deal with whatever nonsense GLOMB attempts to pull off, but it is advised not to kick off any interaction with the guy, nor reply to him and whatever remarks he makes. He is trying to get our attention and you guys damn well know it as such.

    Ignorance isn't submission, it is an attack shrouded in silence. Do not waste your time on the kid. Do not let his childish antics coerce you to reply, for that is what he wants.

    Just. Ignore. Him.

    That is all.

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  • Crazybeard1234

    A more original being than Ultraman Originalitus.

    He has no page because that would be too cliche, so he has a blog post instead.

    He also doesn't have sections because that has been overdone to hell.

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  • Crazybeard1234

    I would like to make a mashup featuring every Ultraman Zero incarnation in this wiki, and our sister wikis (Cringe, Parody, etc.). Please comment down below which Zeros/Belials, or Ultras using Zero/Belial components you will allow to be used in this stupid movie of mine and I will add it down below.

    Movie in question: Ze-Revengers: Infinity War

    • Ultraman Zero Alter / Zora
    • Ultraman Belial Plague
    • Ultraman Two
    • Ultraman Seventine
    • Ultraman Jeed

    • Ultraman 0
    • Ultraman Darkness
    • Creepyman Belial

    • Shining Shining Zero
    • Anathema Zero
    • Kaiser Kaiser Belial
    • Ultraman Deadness
    • Yippe Spaton
    • Ultraseven 42
    • Ultraman Zero (Legacy)
    • Ultraman Belial (Legacy, redeemed)
    • Ultraman Zero Alter Alter
    • Daoclops

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Self-explanatory title, here are my Top 10 Ultrafan Waifus for the Spring 2018 anime season.

    Burger King Foot Lettuce


    Reasoning: Dollar-store Kylo Ren. Only reason I like her is because she reminds me of Kamila, and I thought Kamila was super hot

    Darramb's chiseled abs are still the best though don't get me wrong.

    Ultraman Orion

    Reasoning: Poster boy who everyone wishes to become one day.

    Ultrawoman Zeperion

    Reasoning: If you think of her as genderbent Tiga it suddenly becomes a whole new experience.


    Reasoning: Because I'm actually GW in disguise.

    Ultraman Leg

    Reasoning: Some people out there have a fetish for feet... I'm one of those people.

    Just joking that's like really sick.

    Ultraman Zero Alter

    Reasoning: Remember to check out Ultram…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Alright, now is the time to vote for the best and worst Zero Alter forms of all time! If you haven't checked out the page here's a short link.

    1. List down 5 candidates each for Best and Worst forms down in the comments.
    2. I will collect all the data and randomly assign them in pairs, by the 10th of November.
    3. For each pair, we will vote in a poll.
    4. The winner of each pair will then face off against each other, an elimination contest until only one is left standing.

    1. The best and worst forms will each be granted a "special" ability at the end of this contest.
    2. idk

    1. Please start flame wars.
    2. Happy voting!
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