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  • Crazybeard1234

    Alright, now is the time to vote for the best and worst Zero Alter forms of all time! If you haven't checked out the page here's a short link.

    1. List down 5 candidates each for Best and Worst forms down in the comments.
    2. I will collect all the data and randomly assign them in pairs, by the 10th of November.
    3. For each pair, we will vote in a poll.
    4. The winner of each pair will then face off against each other, an elimination contest until only one is left standing.

    1. The best and worst forms will each be granted a "special" ability at the end of this contest.
    2. idk

    1. Please start flame wars.
    2. Happy voting!
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  • Crazybeard1234

    Ultraman King... a truly controversial figure and topic. There have been several myths, legends and stories surrounding this mysterious giant of light, untold epics and amazing feats deemed supernatural and impossible to attempt by the common man. For what reason does he assist the Ultras? On what side of the universal balance between good and evil, does he stand on? Who is King really, and why do the Ultras worship him as such...?

    Truth be told, all these topics can be easily broken down, run down to one, single conclusion that sums up all the actions he has taken in assisting the Ultras... or is it really out of generosity? What if... it's for his own benefit? For personal gain? For glory and power?

    All that boils down to one reason. Join …

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  • Crazybeard1234

    No one-liner pages, or pages that simply say "I SUMMON THEE, CDR", even pages with barely any content or without content substantial enough. There's the sandbox for a reason.

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Geed is actually DRUGS

    September 24, 2017 by Crazybeard1234

    Many people have been watching Geed without caution. They have not grasped completely the concept, the sheer severity of its complex storyline, nor the hidden agenda and lingering details which weave together beautifully, its promising premise interacting effectively with a substantial plot. Behind its airing as a children's television show, there is a secret.

    The truth is, Geed is actually about drug abuse.

    Riku, as we all know so well, is the son of Belial. But has anyone ever dwelved further into what his position actually entails? 

    Here's the catch: Riku's the son of an infamous druglord. He collects these essences of popular drugs from little kids who've been abusing them, known as the Little Stars (more about them later). Then, he combin…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    So recently I rediscovered the "treasure trove" of "hyperealistic, abstract" art, a collection I drew as a child of ten to twelve.

    I've gotta say... f*ck, these were horrible.

    Without further ado, here's a gallery of the most twisted creations in existence. Proceed with caution.

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