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  • Clee26

    Parody Ultras.........

    June 7, 2017 by Clee26

    So..........I won't bother explaining anything...just scroll down in the 'Recent Activities' and you'll know...

    Ugh...fine...I'll explain it you lazy these few months, overlapping with the Dao Crisis is...the Parody we had a User Boom...yes...that is also a thing...anyways...we had a User Boom after I, Clee26, joined not long after. So...back to the Parody Wave, so, while the Dao Crisis was still going...Post-Me users, started making Parody Ultras to reflect on how crude and terrible 'his' Ultras were. Few months pass, a few more users joined, and now...the Wiki is basically a Parody wiki...we had terrors such as Ultraman 'Murica and even MAGA (Make America Great Again) Pre-Me use…

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  • Clee26

    Dumb Ways to get Banned

    April 25, 2017 by Clee26

    Here are the dumbest/worse ways that you can get banned from this wikia...Post your suggestions down below.

    1. Post an image of 'a certain creepypasta' on the wiki
    2. Annoy Gren by spamming comments and links to one's wiki
    3. Be Dao or one of his sockpuppets
    4. Piss off Sol
    5. Steal a Poptart
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  • Clee26

    Levels for Measuring Content

    November 27, 2016 by Clee26

    Hello...Clee26 here, ready to talk about a problem in this is not Akreious running around in Canada trying to murder killer is how stupid your stuff can are some random stuff that allows you to place yourself on where you belong in this random thing that I will call graphs, while it is clearly not...

    So here is a...uhhh...graph? I guess you can call it that...that uses numbers to classify where you (your content) belong.

    • Level 1: Nothing stupid, serious, dark
    • Level 2: Not stupid, a touch of comedy
    • Level 3: A little bit more comedy, though the readers still don't cringe or facepalm
    • Level 4: The readers bite their lips a little to prevent the slightest cringe
    • Level 5: A nice balance between se…

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  • Clee26

    Save the Xeno!!!!

    November 17, 2016 by Clee26

    @Dao Stop it....get some help....

    Save the poor Xenos!

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  • Clee26

    Sa dudes, Clee26 here...ready to talk about Fan Ultra Series Title Banners/Logos. So, why is this important you ask? Well...there is something called the Internet, so go search it up yourself. save your time (and waste mine), I will tell you why it is important to have banners/logos for your Ultra Series.

    So...let's start with why. Why should you get a banner/logo? is actually to catch more attention (like duh). It has been scientifically proven that books with a better cover is bound to attract more people. Same thing with banners and logos, the better it looks, the more people I'll attract. Visuals are very important, why else would people make rather...colourful and pretty covers for books? Like...for me...Orion's ban…

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