So I had this idea in the chat last night while we were joking around and such. and I thought this would be a fun thing to do. So of course the basic premise is similar to Ultra Hero Taisen, a bunch of Parody Ultras all get together and theres a bunch of fighting and stuff. So yeah comment below if you want to suggest any ideas or add any of your Parody Ultras given that you have any. Parody Kaiju and Aliens are allowed as well.

EDIT: Comedic serious characters are allowed as well

Cast (so far)

Cdr Parodies

Gren Parodies

Flurr Parodies

Akre Parodies

Imranx Parodies

Crazybeard Parodies

Z Parodies

Zenny Parodies

Original Characters

New characters made for this...thing



Other characters

  • Sol 
  • Cdr
  • Breadman
  • Zenon
  • Five King. A Kaiju Dictator has because reasons. 
  • probably some others idk