So I figured since G'd will soon be taking over as the fan submission Ultra here, I figured we should give good ol' Card one last  hurrah before he is inevitably abandoned. Of course, this entails one last form.

Said form I have in mind is a fusion between every TsuPro Ultra and...


So yeah it's just an idea, but I think it would be cool.

EDIT: I have decided that the form name will be "Finale Fusion Up"  If any of you guys have any more ideas for the form lemme know EDIT AGAIN: I have decided on "Card Finale" thanks to Gren because it sounds better. 

Ultras so far:

All of mine

Ultraman Mana (thanks BRK)

Zhu's Ultras:

all of them 

Z's Ultras:

Ultraman Gamma

Ultraman Chimera 

 Ultraman Vega

Ultraman Phoenix

Ultraman Aurora 

 Ultrawoman Electra 

Ultraman Typhoon 

 Ultraman Umbra 

 Ultraman Wildcat 

  Ultraman Viator 

 Ultraman Kabutaro

Ultraman Covalt

'Dark Drache

 Dark Drache 

Dark Geist

Dark Phobos

Gamma Geist 

Ultraman Vampyre

Ultraman Rayven

 Ultrawoman Mydusa

Sent's Ultras: 

Gren's Ultras:

too lazy just gonna say all of them. 


Ultraman Neo Mebius (any form of my choosing >:) )


he said I could use any of his Ultras so I will use all of them


all of them

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