MUHUHUHAAHAHHA!. Bet you didn't see this coming! Well anyway, post yours below. 

Teh list:

1. point out how little his content has to do with Ultraman at first glance. 

2. Make a page called "25 ways to annoy LunarExplosion" >:)

3. Tell creepy cannibal stories

4. Tell her to sleep (Sent has done this twice)

5. Get her gender wrong

6. Make a page called "25 ways to annoy Cdrzillafanon' before she does

7.Insult Minecraft Story Mode.

8.Insult one of my ships. (Lukesse gets the most reaction, tho)

9.Mention the names "Fred", "Reuben", "Ellegaard", or " Magnus" (I don't know if this one annoys me or not.. So far, it just depresses me)

10. Whoever that guy was. It was probably Dao.

11. Mentioned Đạo

12.Powered chat

13.Ship her XD

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