yeah that's right. I'm doing this to myself. Why? The better question is, why not? 

So yeah leave whatever you got below: 

1. Dao

2. Dao sockpuppets

3. When Dao makes a sockpuppet called "The Rape of Amy Serizawa" (wtf man)

4.When Sent beats me to mentioning backhanding on "22 ways to annoy flurr"

5.When people don't get the jokes with these. 

6.Denying me my right to cheezburger 

7.When Flurr says "UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH" 

8. When I miss the oppurtunity to make a page called "1234 ways to annoy Crazybeard1234" and instead just do the normal 25 ways thing. 

9. Say Powered Pigmon is the best Pigmon design (Thanks for that one BRK.  XD)

10. Screwing up my own tabbers. 

11. Ship Cdrzillafanon with CdrMothrafanon 

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