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  • Cdrzillafanon

    Not words you're used to seeing in the same sentence I'm sure.

    I've made this blog post, inspired by Stephen's old post on originality concerning fanfictions in general.

    The fact is, as much as some might see me as the Parody white knight or something, there are some crappy pages out there, and while I don't think they should all be grouped together into this perception of cringey pages and unfunny jokes people seem to have about them, some are pretty bad, and one thing I've noticed is that many of the ones that often get deleted or moved to the Parody wiki aren't too original.

    When writing comedy, just as when writing something serious, you have do something at least somewhat original. No one likes to see the same joke done over again for um…

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    Ultraman 3000

    October 7, 2017 by Cdrzillafanon

    So in the chat I discussed an idea for the Ultraman 3000 page that people really seem to like. So I decided to make a blog post about it for all to see. 

    Basically, Ultraman 3000 is a movie thing to cross over a bunch of our Ultras to commemorate this growth of the wiki. The plot is that it's the year 3000, and humanity has prospered for millennia now, however, some dark threat has emerged and threatens to plunge the world into total darkness with an army of monsters and the whole works. So, various Ultra heroes from across the multiverse must now unite to defeat this menace, which could pose a threat to all of thier universes if left unchecked, as well as whipe out all life on this one obviously. In the end when faced with a super powerful…

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    I thought I'd make this post in case anyone has any questions about the Ultraman Legacy Continuity, and have an easy way to adress any questions users may have for the series and the continuity as a whole. So go ahead and leave your questions if you'd like. 

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    Hey guys

    September 11, 2017 by Cdrzillafanon

    Could you like, cut it down on the Parodies for a little bit? Especially the Zero ones. It's so the admins don't nuke them all. K, just go back to serious stuff for a while. Please? Thanks.


    Your almigthy Parody Lord that can strike you all down in an instant and...yeah I'm joking with this part if you couldn't tell. 

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    So I've created another thread for photoshop submissions. Like before, if ya need me to put something together for you, lemme know.

    The following users may also handle requests if they wish:



    Mao Wu Kong


    • I will only do Ultras, Kaiju, Seijin/Aliens, or similar beings. Human characters not my realm of expertiece. 
    • For each character, specifics on the design, and which component are used, are required
    • Please be patient, as these may take time
    • If I or another user creates the character you have requested, they/I must be credited on the page.
    • I will do Parodies, but no more Woah Kaiju. 
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