aka Carlos Rodriguez

  • I live in North Carolina
  • My occupation is Lord of The Parodies
  • I am Male
  • Cdrzillafanon

    So I had this idea in the chat last night while we were joking around and such. and I thought this would be a fun thing to do. So of course the basic premise is similar to Ultra Hero Taisen, a bunch of Parody Ultras all get together and theres a bunch of fighting and stuff. So yeah comment below if you want to suggest any ideas or add any of your Parody Ultras given that you have any. Parody Kaiju and Aliens are allowed as well.

    EDIT: Comedic serious characters are allowed as well

    • Shining Shining Zero
    • Ultraman Neo Xenon
    • Ultraman Nerf
    • Ultraman Average
    • Ultraman Exterminus
    • Anathema Zero
    • Overpoweredmons
    • Ultraman 40

    • Ultraman Card
    • Ultraman G'd
    • Ultraman Ultra*
    • Ultraman Seven
    • Ultraman OPius
    • Ultraman Gimmick
    • Ultraman '…

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    Final Card form

    June 5, 2017 by Cdrzillafanon

    So I figured since G'd will soon be taking over as the fan submission Ultra here, I figured we should give good ol' Card one last  hurrah before he is inevitably abandoned. Of course, this entails one last form.

    Said form I have in mind is a fusion between every TsuPro Ultra and...


    So yeah it's just an idea, but I think it would be cool.

    EDIT: I have decided that the form name will be "Finale Fusion Up"  If any of you guys have any more ideas for the form lemme know EDIT AGAIN: I have decided on "Card Finale" thanks to Gren because it sounds better. 

    Ultras so far:

    All of mine

    Ultraman Mana (thanks BRK)

    Zhu's Ultras:

    all of them 

    Z's Ultras:

    Ultraman Gamma

    Ultraman Chimera 

     Ultraman Vega

    Ultraman Phoenix


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  • Cdrzillafanon

    So I submitted a fusion for Card of all the OP Ultras AND the Titan Princes but I forgot about the whole permission thing. So, yeah. Help me make this insanity a reality. If you want. If you say no your OP Ultra will simply be removed from the fusion because there is no stopping me >:) 

    Now give me your OP Ultras muuhhhahahhahhhahaha!!!!

    Yes this is a joke. 

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    I noticed Lunar made one of these for herself, so why not do the same for me? This will probably spiral into the next trend but at least it'll be fun,amirite?

    1. Talk about banning me. 

    2. Rape,Murder,etc. 


    4. Dao

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    He commented on the page "a number of ways to annoy certain people" so he gets one. Good luck. 

    1. Ask nonsense questions

    2. Ask a same as question much time

    3. Đạo

    4. Call him Brenz

    5. Contiue to try to find ways to annoy him even though he denies them. 

    6. This page's continued existence in the face if his denial to be able to be annoyed

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