So incase you havent noticed, I've been doing more lore than episodes/Reclamation lately. This is because i want to go\ive myself a Christmas break from the story. That's what I convinced myself anyway, Fallout 4 is really addicting. I'll start story back up later this week or next week. In other news, I've been thinking Civil War of Planet R lately, and I hate the old story I had so I rewrote the whole thing... painfully. I'm also gonna hype up the EPIC things I have planned fpr Volume 3.5 with a written trailer (weird right?), AND a Civil War of Planet R Trailer. Enjoy!

Volume 3.5 Trailer

In an Ultra dropship, four Ultras sat around a screen.

Ultra Father: Fireteam Foxtrot-66. Over the last 72 hours, five Baltan cities have experienced identical events. Massive destruction. Dark in origin. We've come to the conclusion that  the Darkness One has interfered with the Civil War, backing the Dominion. If the Dark Legion is willing to break the agreement not to interfere, we will interfere as well. 

Ultra Mother: The most recent event occured near Madrigal on the icy slopes of Kalanawea mountains.Your mission is to go behind enemy lines as fight the Darkness in this area. Be advised, reports confirm the Dark Legion is working with Dominion Supreme Leader Shomus Cyyr. If you have the opportunity.

Zach stood up.

Zach: Understood Ma'am.

Ultra Father: Good luck Ultraman Zach. M78 out.

Zach: Tracking gear online? 

Ultrawoman Aelia: Affirmative.

Ultrawoman Cassia: Anyone want to say a few words before the jump?

Ultraman Kal: (Yeah that guy) Well, if God can hear how scared I am, so can everyone else. Zach, you buying the first drink when we get back?

Zach chuckled

Zach: You ask, you buy.

Zach: Fireteam Foxtrot-66! The light is green!

Zach slammed his fist into a red button, opening the door of the dropship.

The Ultras all leaped out of the dropship.

Zach looked back, and jumped.

Civil War of Planet R Trailer

Inside a bus, an old radio plays

The screen pans out to see a giant army of Dominion Baltans Marching towards a giant wall

That's it. That was the teaser. Go back to whatever you were doing. Go.









Jar Jar Binks is Kylo Ren's Mother and Rey's brother and The Ewoks are back in Star Wars VII. 

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