Well, I've decided that when Ultraman Zach Episode 31: Magma's Master Plan is over, I'm gonna start the first Ultraman Zach Side Story: The Staff of Ultimate Power

Spoiler Alert 

The story revolves around an ancient race called the Shadow Aliens, who, despite their intimidating name, are actually peaceful. Thousands of years ago they created staffs that could control the elements, and were given to the kings of the 5 countries on planet Shadow: Shi, Grisva, Windhold, The Blacklands, and The Great Forest. The king of Shi had the staff of wind, the king of Grisva had the staff of water, the king of Windhold was  given the power of snow, the king of the Blacklands had the staff of fire, and the king of the Great Forest was given the staff of Nature. The King of blacklands (Magnus) Thought he was best, and waged war on the others. He lost, so the other kings had Magnus knocked out, and combined the staffs, launching both out to space. 

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